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Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Finance

I seem to have touched quite a few nerves lately with some of the columns I've written for this newsletter. Some people are angry at me for what they perceive as ignorance. Many dismiss my points about the waste in healthcare by arguing that it's because of complexity and that I am naive. Please, I'm not blaming the victim here. [Read More]

  April 7, 2008

Editor's Picks
Compromise reached on developing physician ranking standard
While not directly a healthcare finance story, the effort to rank physicians based on quality holds strong ramifications for physician practices and their economic success or failure. The compromise is hopefully the first step, after years of controversy, to develop a fair reporting system that actually outs the bad actors and rewards the good ones. But with a physician shortage--at least a shortage of primary care physicians--how much help will the rankings be to patients if they can't get in to see the best doctors? [Read More]
Serving uninsured a fatal burden for Chicago hospital
Losses at Women's hospital in Texas forces closure
Former Tenet hospital in south Florida shutting down--slowly
I'm including all three of these stories in succession because the news is so unusual. Hospitals rarely shut down, but does the fact that three are announcing shutdowns in one week portend a future of inefficient deliverers of care being removed from the system, or is it a vicious cycle of necessary safety net hospitals stressing an area's remaining hospitals with the uninsured patients they used to care for? Probably a little bit of both, but change is definitely in the air on this front. [Read More]
Five years later, HCA thrives in Kansas City market
The largest conversion of nonprofit hospital assets to for-profit control celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. At the time HCA acquired the then-12-hospital Health Midwest nonprofit chain, HCA promised $450 million of capital investment in the hospitals over the next five years. Instead, it's spent $600 million. And it's paid more than $18 million a year in real estate and other taxes that Health Midwest did not. Though the conversion still elicits some grousing, many of the initial detractors have been forced to admit that the dire predictions they made five years ago have not come to pass. [Read More]
Novant Health, HMA in innovative deal as partners
Hospital owner and operator Health Management Associates Inc. has sold a 27% stake in seven of its hospitals in North and South Carolina to Novant Health for $300 million. Novant, a nonprofit, and HMA, a for-profit hospital operator, have formed a joint venture to manage the seven hospitals. The deal calls for Novant to take on ownership and operation of those hospitals' employed physician practices. [Read More]
Finance Forum
Form 990 and Proxy Statement Disclosures: Are These Worlds Growing Closer?
Hospitals, as well as other nonprofit organizations, have recently been required to beef up reporting on their Form 990s filed with the IRS as the government demands more transparency surrounding executive pay, among other reporting requirements. Contributors Jim Otto and Eric Turzak shed some light on how hospital boards and those in management responsible for completing the form can help hospitals avoid any "red-face" moments in the future. [Read More]
Finance Headlines
WellPoint outlines 11 preventable errors it won't pay for
Indianapolis Star - April 3, 2008
Drug costs rise as economy slides
USA Today - April 3, 2008
Whistleblower lawsuit against Iasis dismissed
East Valley (AZ) Tribune - April 3, 2008
PA hospital's sale of center to aid construction of facility
Philadelphia Inquirer - April 2, 2008
Medical office space in California gets top dollar
Los Angeles Times - April 2, 2008
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HealthLeaders Media News - February 25, 2008
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Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose?: The current paths of many healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015. Healthcare systems that fail to transform will likely require immediate and major forced restructuring. There is a more positive scenario that will require new levels of accountability, tough decisions and hard work.

Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies: The U.S. healthcare system is on an unsustainable path. Health plan providers must help shape and lead the healthcare transformation or risk being marginalized.

In the interest of the patient: This paper explores how by collaborating and sharing data, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can realize the full value of the information they collect--and improve patient treatments.

From HealthLeaders Magazine
Your Hospital, the Entrepreneur
HealthLeaders February 2008 Forget those fixed-income investments. Many organizations are funding early-stage healthcare ventures that can yield not only healthy financial returns, but also improved efficiencies and better quality care. [Read More]
Money Talk

A look at one hospital's struggles to improve

Palomar Pomerado Health, San Diego, CA

Rating: A3
Outlook: Negative
Affected Debt: $231 million
Agency: Moody's Investors Service
Remarks: Poorer than expected operating performance, weakening liquidity and anticipation of significant revenue bond issue in 2009.
[Read More]
Audio Feature

Supply Chain Management: Listen here for my interview with Jim McManus, vice president of finance at St. Joseph Health System in Orange, CA. His chief responsibility is supply chain management. His hospital system began a system-wide supply chain initiative in 2001 and in a system that spends more than a quarter of a billion dollars a year on pharma and physician preference items combined, McManus and his team were able to achieve big results. McManus will be a guest at the April 17 Webcast Supply Chain Success: Physician Preference Can Save Money and Improve Outcomes, where we'll talk with McManus and two other guests about how hospitals can improve outcomes and save on costs by overhauling their physician preference methodologies. [Listen Now]
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