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March Madness
Elyas Bakhtiari, Managing Editor

For many medical students, March Madness has nothing to do with basketball. This is the time of year they find out which residency program accepted them, effectively determining the specialty they'll practice for years to come. This year's "match day" was last Thursday, and medical students weren't the only ones following the results. [Read More]
  March 27, 2008

Editor's Picks
Medical scans get closer scrutiny
In an attempt to control costs, insurance companies are requiring more preauthorizations and setting other restrictions on medical scans like CT and PET scans, a move that irks some doctors and may have unintended consequences for patients. Physicians are tired of the red tape and often end up ordering less-helpful diagnostic tests that don't require preauthorization. A couple of physician groups think the answer is requiring accreditation of imaging machines, but we'll probably see a lot more conflict over this issue before there's a solution that all parties agree on. [Read More]
Before firing patients, doctors turn to lawyers
The number of physicians "firing" patients from their practice is on the rise, according to this Boston Business Journal article, though it only has anecdotal evidence to support this claim. In many cases, these physicians are turning to lawyers for guidance due to fears of abandonment claims and malpractice suits. Donald Trump may make it look easy, but firing a patient for the wrong reasons, or even using the wrong language when letting the patient go, can quickly land a doctor in court. [Read More]
Physicians to get drug alerts via e-mail
A nonprofit group called iHealth Alliance is aiming to make drug recalls easier on physicians--and a little more modern--with an online network that alerts physicians about drug warnings, recalls, and label changes. The notifications will be sent via e-mail and targeted by specialty so physicians aren't inundated with messages. Check out this Wall Street Journal article for a sample of what the e-mail alerts will look like. [Read More]
Doctors sued for failing to supervise assistant
When a physician assistant missed a diagnosis that led to complications with a sinus infection, the two doctors that were supposed to be supervising the PA were named in the malpractice suit. Their practice agreement claimed one of the physicians would see every patient treated by the assistant, and their failure to do so played a part in the $3 million verdict. These cases may become more common as nonphysician providers play a bigger role in helping practices deal with physician shortages and reimbursement pressures in the next few years. [Read More]
Doctors prepare for tamper-proof Rx pad deadline
Physicians will soon be required to write all Medicaid prescriptions on tamper-proof prescription pads, and the first deadline for making the transition is next Tuesday. To be deemed tamper-resistant, pads must meet three categories of requirements, but pads only need to have one feature to prevent copying or counterfeiting by April 1. The final deadline for meeting all three requirements is October 1. [Read More]
Business Rx
Compensate physicians for online consults
For physicians eligible to receive reimbursement for treating patients online, participating in online or e-mail consultations may be a straightforward decision. But what about practices that don't receive payer reimbursement for this work? [Read More]
Physician News
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Value Your Part-Timers: Laura Boehlke Bray, physician leader at the Duluth Clinic in Duluth, MN, talks about the importance of providing part-time options as an essential part of retaining and recruiting physicians in your practice. [Listen Now]
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