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Divided, Can We Conquer?
Maureen Larkin, Senior Editor-Quality
The healthcare industry has long been divided about the best ways to prevent the spread of MRSA--or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Should we test all patients who come to the hospital for treatment, or should we focus our money and resources, testing only those who are at high risk? The results of two studies released last week may have left us even more divided about how we can combat this serious--and sometimes fatal--infection. [Read More]
March 20, 2008
Editors Picks

Minnesota hospital removes wrong kidney during surgery
Surgeons removed the wrong kidney from a patient with kidney cancer last week. A hospital investigation found that the error occurred several weeks before the surgery, when the wrong kidney was recorded as the one to be removed in the patient's medical record. [Read More]

Canadian patient safety group encourages docs to admit errors
Experts are calling new guidelines released by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute a major step forward in quality healthcare. The guidelines encourage doctors to tell patients when there has been a close call or adverse event that has affected their healthcare. [Read More]

Report takes pulse of patients
Press Ganey Associates, Inc. has released its annual Hospital Pulse report, providing trends in patient perspectives. The report says patients in the 65 to 79 age group are the most satisfied, while those in the 35 to 49 age group report the least satisfaction. The report also says Wichita, KS, is the metropolitan area with the highest satisfaction rate. [Read More]

Is your leadership team 'tops?'
There are only six days left for your hospital to submit its entry for the 2008 Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference. Visit the official event Web site by clicking here. [Read More]

This Weeks Headlines

Older donated blood tied to heart surgery risk
The Boston Globe - March 20, 2008

Heparin ingredient linked to 21 deaths was modified
The Baltimore Sun - March 19, 2008

Pennsylvania hospital performance data now online
AP/Philadelphia Inquirer - March 19, 2008

Hospitals reuse medical devices to lower costs
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - March 19, 2008

To build a better hospital, Washington hospital takes lessons from Toyota
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - March 17, 2008

Nation divided by race on healthcare
South Florida Times, March 14, 2008

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Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies: The U.S. healthcare system is on an unsustainable path. Health plan providers must help shape and lead the healthcare transformation or risk being marginalized.

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Your Hospital, the Entrepreneur
Forget those fixed-income investments. Many organizations are funding early-stage healthcare ventures that can yield not only healthy financial returns, but also improved efficiencies and better quality care. [Read More]  
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Some fear NPSGs will overtax staff
No one's saying The Joint Commission's proposed National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) aren't the right thing to do. But many in the field worry that some of the suggested new requirements focus more on documentation than true safety (this is a pay-per-view article). [Read More]
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Donna Truesdell, RN, MSN, quality director at Cooley-Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, MA, says leaders must take every opportunity to proclaim a hospital's goal of reaching 100% quality care. Unless caregivers see that the effort is driven by hospital leadership, it won't be taken seriously, she says.
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