HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - March 12, 2008 | Consumer Revolution, Evolution, or Devolution?
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Consumer Revolution, Evolution, or Devolution?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Every week, it seems, I read a different prediction about consumer-driven healthcare. It's already here. It'll be here any minute now. It's on the horizon. It's on the distant horizon. It's a passing fad. It's a bunch of hooey. The truth, I suspect, lies somewhere in between "already here" and "hooey." [Read More]
  March 12, 2008

Editor's Picks
Patient satisfaction differs by ethnicity
Are you paying attention to the consumer experience of your minority patients? Turns out that people of different ethnicities also have different views of healthcare, according to a recent study. And minorities are more likely than white patients to rate their healthcare as fair or poor, which could skew results of patient satisfaction surveys. [Read More]
Keeping a (creepy) eye on your customers
As search companies get more sophisticated about tracking consumer behavior online, advertisers will be better able to really target who sees their ads. But (and you knew there was a "but") the cost of highly-targeted ads with high response rates will be steep. And then there's the issue of whether the browsing public will appreciate the fact that they're being served up ads based not on that day's browsing, but their history over several months. I'm guessing not. [Read More]
Social media not all it's cracked up to be
Sure, social media is a hot trend, but it has limited use for healthcare marketers and, it turns out, people don't often visit sites that offer social networking, user-generated content, and the like--just 7.5% of their time, according to one recent study. How are they dividing their time online? At content sites (42.7%), communication sites (28.6%), and commerce sites (16.1%). [Read More]
Opportunity lies in the online generation gap
About 35% of Internet users age 45 and older think the World Wide Web is skewed toward youths, according to a recent study. I'm actually surprised that number isn't higher, despite the fact that I just learned that three of my aunts--the youngest of whom is about to turn 50--have Facebook accounts and play Scrabble with each other online. Regardless, there's an opportunity for healthcare marketers who want to reach out to that all-important demographic: Provide content (see the above item) targeted to boomer-aged consumers. [Read More]
Going Global
Like other markets, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly global. Want to keep an eye on what's going on overseas? Check out our new Global section on the HealthLeaders Media Web site and read Senior Editor Rick Johnson's column on the economy and healthcare system in the United Arab Emirates. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Texting Ts Might Bring Luck for Fundraising
Click to view PDF version. Is your fundraising or awareness campaign not going as well as you may have hoped? St. Baldrick's, the world's largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research, has found a unique way to educate the masses and get people involved. St. Baldrick's started in March of 2000 as a fundraising event centered on volunteers raising money to "go bald" in support of children and families affected by cancer. Now in its ninth year, the event has successfully raised more than $34 million for childhood cancer research. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

3/19/08: Marketing Cardiology: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns

4/3/08: Beyond the Blog: Communicate and Connect with Today's Healthcare Consumers

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix

10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Love Thy Vendor?

Providers and IT suppliers don't get along, right? You can build a partnership of trust with your vendor--and actually get what you pay for. Here's how. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Big City Names Head West to Community Hospitals: Located just an hour west of Boston, Worcester, MA, is New England's second-largest city, and for hundreds of years has existed independently from its big sister to the east. But that's all beginning to change. As Boston residents move west in search of more affordable housing and a slower pace, their expectations for healthcare have stayed the same. [Read More]
Audio Features

Kathy Lapacek, vice president of business development for Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, describes the organization's "Red Shirt" campaign, a winner at the 2007 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards. [Listen Now]
Debbie Laughery, vice president of public relations for WakeMed Health Systems, describes the organization's "Listen to Your Heart" campaign, a winner at the 2007 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards. Both Lapacek and Laughery will talk about the planning and strategy that went into their successful campaigns during the March 19 Webcast, Marketing Cardiology: Strategies for service line campaigns. [Listen Now]
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