HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - March 5, 2008 | Seven Simple Ways to Improve Physician Relations
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Seven Simple Ways to Improve Physician Relations
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Healthcare marketers have a lot on their plate, from conducting market research to launching multimedia campaigns to proving return on investment. Marketing to physicians, which is a new focus for many hospitals, is one more large and complicated task to add to the mix. But sometimes a small change can make a big difference. [Read More]
  March 5, 2008

Editor's Picks
Change is academic
Here's an interesting story about the association between two Massachusetts medical institutions. Tufts University in Medford and Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston went from a relationship that was sometimes contentious to a new, co-branded collaboration that will help both stand out in a marketplace crowded with hospitals and medical schools. The medical center announced it will change its name, dropping the "New England" in order to play up the affiliation with the university. The hospital is also launching a $1.5 million ad campaign to promote the changes. [Read More]
Self-referrals increase screenings
Here's an idea. An Army community hospital decided that it might be able to increase the number of women who get mammograms if they allowed patients over 40 or those who have a close relative with breast cancer to self-refer for the procedure. The result? After an education campaign, the hospital was ranked among the top 10 percent of hospitals in the United States in screening measures. Last year, the department performed about 5,300 mammograms. About 40 percent of the women that the department sees are self-referred. [Read More]
Word-of-mouth gone awry
This story is about a bond hearing, but don't let that stop you from clicking through. You might want to skip the story, but you don't want to miss the reader comments. You've heard me say before that hospital and health system marketers should be monitoring the Web for what the public is saying about their organization. Well, this is why. An added bonus: The funny (if cynical) answer to a reader's question about the difference between a hospital and a medical center. [Read More]
Help wanted
I love this small news story about a hospital that pulled off an amazing fiscal turnaround. The hospital was so far behind on its bills that it was in danger of having its lights shut off. Now volumes are up and improvements are under way. So, now that all the bills are paid, what are they going to do? Hire a full-time marketing director, of course. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
The 'You' Movement
Click to view PDF version. Because consumers have the desire and ability to control what information they receive and how they receive it, marketers have a more difficult job than ever trying to reach them. For Rush-Copley Medical Center in Aurora, IL, an established positive brand image allowed its marketing team to focus its recent campaign efforts on what really matters to patients: themselves. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

3/19/08: Marketing Cardiology: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns

4/3/08: Beyond the Blog: Communicate and Connect with Today's Healthcare Consumers

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix

10/15/08: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, Chicago

10/16/08: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago

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Providers and IT suppliers don't get along, right? You can build a partnership of trust with your vendor--and actually get what you pay for. Here's how. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Big City Names Head West to Community Hospitals: Located just an hour west of Boston, Worcester, MA, is New England's second-largest city, and for hundreds of years has existed independently from its big sister to the east. But that's all beginning to change. As Boston residents move west in search of more affordable housing and a slower pace, their expectations for healthcare have stayed the same. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Kathy Lapacek, vice president of business development for Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, describes the organization's "Red Shirt" campaign, a winner at the 2007 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards. Lapacek will talk about the planning and strategy that went into this successful campaign during the March 19 Webcast, Marketing Cardiology: Strategies for service line campaigns. [Listen Now]
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