HealthLeaders Media IT - January 29, 2008 | Blurred Lines, Complex Worlds
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Blurred Lines, Complex Worlds
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Years ago Sports Illustrated ran a cover story on the Chicago Bears' star defensive back. It was called "The Complex World of Mike Singletary," and showed a line diagram of the various intricate maneuvers that Singletary considered on a given play. As I prepare stories for HealthLeaders magazine, I often think of that cover headline, inserting my source's name into that "complex world" slug. [Read More]
January 29, 2008
Editor's Picks
Medicare will test PHRs in South Carolina
Here's one to watch. The federal government is set to launch a major personal health record project in South Carolina, seeking to enroll up to 100,000 citizens participating in its fee-for-service program. That's a big number and these government pilots have a way of vaporizing after they are launched. Nevertheless, if Medicare decides to throw its ample weight into the PHR, look for increased attention to the technology in the private sector. [Read More]

California opens Web site for hospital discounts
California has become the second state to introduce a Web site that helps consumers find out how much hospitals are willing to discount care for uninsured patients. New York previously gave consumers a tool to shop and compare charity care or discount payment policies. The California site, called the Hospital Fair Pricing Program, is a result of a 2006 law authored by former Democratic Assemblywoman Wilma Chan of Oakland. [Read More]

Claiming Their Due
Many providers struggle to bill for services amid a maze of contractual allowances, but sophisticated software is helping some hospitals and physician groups better manage the time value of money, attests this article by my colleague, Philip Betbeze. Phil's finance articles often contain a technology element, as IT offers many tools to help hospitals and medical groups wring out excess overhead. Electronic claims is just one of those areas. [Read More]

Medical diagnosis just a mouse click away
Newsday's article explores which Web sites consumers turn to while seeking medical information. Scroll down to the bottom of the story for a list of the widely accessed consumer health information sites. The piece also quotes physicians who advise on sorting through the numerous health-related sites. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Little data on stent's most common use
New York Times - January 29, 2008

E-Prescribing on the radar in 2008, experts say
iHealthBeat - January 29, 2008

New system affords greater accuracy, speed in hospital scans
Suburban Journals St. Louis - January 29, 2008
Events & Product News
Stryker to recall hip surgery products

iSOFT releases real-time speech recognition for radiology

NovaRad inks PACS contracts with three U.S. hospitals

Commission announces new certifications
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Enabling Healthcare after a Disaster: AT&T enables healthcare after a disaster.

Implementing a Wireless LAN: Successful WLAN implementation is all about balance.

IP Networks Boost Secure Health Communications: AT&T provides secure communication to keep healthcare moving forward.

Optical Networks: Closing the gap between patient and caregiver.

Q&A: Critical Steps in Ensuring Business Continuity: Consult this guide to learn how your company can ensure continuity.

Transition to Digital: More and more hospitals are going paperless.

Trend Report--Dialing Long Distance for Healthcare: Telemedicine makes care accessible when and where it's needed.

From HealthLeaders Magazine
HealthLeaders January 2008Why Is The ED Such A Pain?
The emergency department has a culture all its own with a unique set of challenges to match. It's also your hospital's window to the community. So you'd better make it work. [Read More]
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    ePrescribing and its Impact on Care Management: Still under-used, electronic prescriptions benefit patients and everyone in the healthcare food chain, says contributor Marybeth Regan, PhD. [Read More]
    Audio Feature

    Listen: Physician Creates, Offers Free EMRs: Shelbourne, MA-based physician Stefan Topolski, MD, discusses the development of his own electronic medical record program--and why he decided to give it away to other doctors for free.
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