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Chief Executive in Charge of Nothing
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

One of the principles of good journalism is name and title verification. Never guess that a source's name is Christine (not Kristine, Cristine, or Krystine); never assume that a company head is CEO (not founder, president, his highness, or something else). It seems like a simple enough rule but as organizations add clever and unusual titles to their org charts, getting the title right has never been so difficult. [Read More]

  Jan. 25, 2008

Editor's Picks
Cleveland Clinic may build hospital in Shanghai
Global healthcare took another leap this week as the Cleveland Clinic announced it will decide within the next three months whether or not to build a 200-bed hospital in Shanghai, China. The Clinic is already building a 400-bed hospital in Abu Dhabi. The Clinic's global expansion wouldn't just create new revenue for the Ohio-based hospital; experts predict that a Shanghai-based clinic would boost awareness of the Cleveland area as a place for Chinese investment. [Read More]
Rising healthcare costs put focus on illegal immigrants
A growing number of healthcare leaders face an ongoing dilemma: Uphold your commitment to patient care or turn away patients who are illegal immigrants. As national healthcare costs climb, treatment for illegal immigrants has become a heated political debate. Some states are taking regulatory action to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving certain care, while others want hospitals to better track how much they spend caring for illegal immigrants. [Read More]
Where will we find tomorrow's leaders?
Iron-fist leadership is on its way out, according to this Q&A with Harvard Business School Professor Linda Hill. Future leaders must employ a more inclusive and collaborative leadership style, Hill says, meaning that organizations must look past the traditional image of leader in order to uncover "demographic and stylistic invisibles." This research echoes what I've heard from some savvy hospital leaders who say they're mentoring a broad group of potential leaders in order to create a robust management team for the future. [Read More]
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Video: Making the ED Work. The model of a stand-alone department lacks efficiency and limits opportunity. Plus, news on Cleveland Clinic, nurse recruitment, and more. Powered by Trinity Healthforce Learning. Watch the video now.
This Week's Headlines
Upbeat diagnosis for clinics
Boston Globe - January 22, 2008

Hospitals hire and train interpreters for non-native patients
Washington Post - January 22, 2008
Doctors warn bacteria are racing past drugs
San Francisco Chronicle - January 21, 2008
Bush's second child insurance veto stands
Washington Post - January 24, 2008
Hospital industry may hit rough patch, Moody's warns
Chicago Tribune - January 24, 2008
Report: Dems likely to boost healthcare
AP/Yahoo News - January 24, 2008

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Enabling Healthcare after a Disaster: AT&T enables healthcare after a disaster.

Implementing a Wireless LAN: Successful WLAN implementation is all about balance.

IP Networks Boost Secure Health Communications: AT&T provides secure communication to keep healthcare moving forward.

Optical Networks: Closing the gap between patient and caregiver.

Q&A: Critical Steps in Ensuring Business Continuity: Consult this guide to learn how your company can ensure continuity.

Transition to Digital: More and more hospitals are going paperless.

Trend Report--Dialing Long Distance for Healthcare: Telemedicine makes care accessible when and where it's needed.

From HealthLeaders Magazine
Alternative Goes Mainstream

HealthLeaders December 2007 More hospitals are embracing alternative treatments to boost patient satisfaction and improve care. But can integrative medicine programs make money? [Read More]
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    Healthcare Industry Challenges for 2008--An Insider's Perspective: Barry Calogero, president of Tefen USA, a management consulting firm specializing in healthcare, discusses the most significant issues facing healthcare leaders in 2008. [Read More]
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    Exploring Efficient Throughput: A former emergency department director and practice manager, Lynn Massingale is no stranger to the problem of ED overcrowding. In this interview, Dr. Massingale discusses throughput and how hospitals can make theirs more efficient. [Listen Now]
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