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Staying Put
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

The emphasis on physician retention has never been greater. As administrators gear up for the much cited physician shortage, perhaps the most cost effective measures are those that keep doctors in place. This week, Kevin Donovan, vice president of physician and ambulatory services for Elliot Health System in Manchester, NH, shares insights into the softer side of physician retention. [Read More]
  January 24, 2008

Editor's Picks
Doctors paid to prescribe generic pills
In an ideal world, prescribing medicine would be a medical decision based solely on what the physician deems best for the patient. But with the enormous sums of money flowing through our healthcare system, nothing is quite that simple. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions to sway physicians to prescribe certain drugs, and now, health plans are offering financial incentives to entice doctors to prescribe generic medicine, according to this Wall Street Journal article. The health plans claim this saves patients and insurers money--$2 million in payments to doctors saved Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan $5 million and its members $1 million in copays--but the payments are considered unethical by some physicians and could be viewed as anti-kickback statute violations. [Read More]
Company solicits physicians for offshore treatments
Questionable payments to physicians seems to be a theme this week: This New York Times article probes recent e-mail solicitations from US HIFU, a company that is trying to recruit physicians to perform offshore prostate cancer treatments, even though its method hasn't been approved by the FDA. The company promises up to $7,500, which is five times what doctors can earn in the United States for treating prostate cancer, as well as up to $3,000 for follow-up care. [Read More]
Hospital cancels pact with doctors who demanded higher pay
I wrote last week about the importance of hospital-physician communication, and this article in The Seattle Times highlights what can happen when the two parties aren't on the same page. When a group of 20 anesthesiologists approached management at Northwest Hospital & Medical Center asking for a $2 million raise, the hospital responded by cancelling their contract, essentially firing the entire group. But the dispute began, not because of money, but because of poor communication--the physicians said they demanded the raise to make up for the CEO telling them they were doing a lousy job. [Read More]
Surgeons are better after playing Nintendo Wii
Researchers began designing software that will allow physicians to simulate surgery using the Nintendo Wii's wireless motion sensors after a study found that surgeons performed better after playing games on the console. Doctors now have an excuse to play video games, and future medical students who currently play the Wii may be developing their surgical skills without even knowing it. Sounds like a win-win. [Read More]
Happy National Medical Group Practice Week
Medical groups around the country are focusing on patient-centered care this week as part of the MGMA's fifth annual National Medical Group Practice Week. Visit for patient safety tools and ideas for celebrating at your practice
Business Rx
Calculate Break-Even Point to Choose Recruiter
Which is more cost-effective: Hiring a permanent physician recruiter or outsourcing to a physician search firm? Calculate the break-even point for the recruiter's salary to find the answer. [Read More]
Physician News
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Rules of Engagement: Alegent CEO Wayne Sensor talks about why Alegent felt the necessity of hosting the Power to the Patient forum to educate hospital leaders on ways they can invite consumers into healthcare.
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