HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - January 23, 2007 | Drug Logo Overdose
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Drug Logo Overdose
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

The pens on the reception desk at my doctor's office, which is part of a large Massachusetts health system, are emblazoned with logos. Ditto for the clipboard the receptionist uses to check me in, the educational posters in the waiting area, and the little rubber hammer the doctor uses to test my reflexes. But they aren't branded to the practice or even the health system (which has a very spiffy logo, in fact). No, these items are all branded to the pharmaceutical companies that want my doctor to prescribe their drugs to me. [Read More]
  January 23, 2008

Editor's Picks
Ya think?
If you have teenagers or have ever met one, you might have noticed that they can be just a teeny tiny bit sarcastic. And reaching members of generations Y and next can be difficult for traditional healthcare advertisers, who don't typically have the creative freedom to create ads that speak the group's language. But the American Legacy Foundation this week released its latest anti-smoking campaign--and it's sure to tickle teens' sarcastic funny bones. Check out the video, which includes teens dancing and singing with cartoon unicorns, leprechauns, and fairies about how wonderful it is that tobacco companies make cigarettes with just enough nicotine to keep users addicted, but not enough to make them sick. [Read More]
Change is the only constant
OK, I get that social media is the next big thing--it's kind of hard to miss that particular trend what with all the media coverage of it--but I sometimes wonder if it has any practical application in healthcare beyond patient blogs. I just can't see visiting my local hospital's Facebook page. A new report from Forrester Research, however, offers some advice on how to stay ahead of and prepare for the coming social media wave, even if your organization isn't ready to jump in with both feet. "In the fast-changing world of social computing, there's only one constant--that people will continue to connect with each other in new and different ways, causing upheavals in the way companies and institutions relate to them," the report warns. [Read More]
I've got your numbers
Predictions about online ad spending just get rosier and rosier--and more and more frequent. Having trouble keeping straight whether online ad spending will double or triple by 2011? This Forbes article takes a look at three separate reports on online spending and streaming media. If you like numbers and stats, you'll love this article. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Television Ads With a Twist
Watch the Video. Working within a competitive market, within an expensive media buying area, Abington (PA) Memorial Hospital found that they could finally commit resources for TV and needed a campaign that would resonate within the community and leave a lasting impression. "It's very noisy here so we were looking for a campaign that would break out of the norm," says Beth Ann Neil, director of public relations and marketing for Abington Memorial Hospital. To accomplish this, Abington began work with Devito/Verdi in New York City. [Read More]
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2/4/08: Measuring ROI of Physician Relations: Strategies to Demonstrate the Impact of Your Sales Program

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Why Is The ED Such A Pain?

The emergency department has a culture all its own with a unique set of challenges to match. It's also your hospital's window to the community. So you'd better make it work. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

The Stark Facts of Marketing to Physicians: With new Phase III regulations now in effect, it is worthwhile to briefly review Stark and its new implementing regulations, particularly to illustrate the boundaries in marketing hospital services to doctors. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Alegent CEO Wayne Sensor talks about why Alegent felt the necessity of hosting the Power to the Patient forum to educate hospital leaders on ways they can invite consumers into healthcare. [Listen Now]
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