HealthLeaders Media IT - January 22, 2008 | Ignoring the Skeptics
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Ignoring the Skeptics
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Several recent studies and surveys suggest growing skepticism about the longevity of regional health information organizations. Nearly 70 percent of respondents to our own recent unscientific online poll agreed that most RHIOs will cease operations within the near future. Although most people understand the importance of data sharing across competitive organizations, many are wondering if the multitude of RHIOs will have staying power. Financial and governance issues--not the technological capability in play--are often cited as stumbling blocks. [Read More]
January 22, 2008
Editor's Picks
New technologies at Washington, DC, hospital to help if disaster strikes
Here's an article about advance planning--the kind you might not want to do. Washington Hospital Center has unveiled new emergency department technologies designed to prepare the downtown Washington, DC, facility for a terrorist attack or other massive disaster. The technologies, which cost about $4.5 million, include negative pressure isolation rooms to prevent the spread of infectious agents and rooms that can be sterilized with vaporized hydrogen peroxide. [Read More]

Listening to doctors and patients talk
This story is a bit Orwellian. Verilogue, a technology startup company, has software that analyzes the real-time patient-physician interactions, compiles a verbatim transcript, and puts the recording and transcript in a database that Verilogue clients in the healthcare industry will use to learn what doctors and patients actually say to each other about diseases and medicines. The company sells the data to pharmaceutical companies. Somehow I cannot imagine many physicians agreeing to this (physicians are paid to participate), but the company claims annual revenue of up to $5 million, so someone is buying. [Read More]

Florida hospitals switch to EMRs
The News-Press, from Fort Myers, FL, reports on a local hospital's effort to automate clinical record-keeping. "These systems are not simply paper charts put on computers," the article points out. "They are medical management systems." [Read More]

An MD-Legislator pushes for EMRs
This Wall Street Journal blog item has some lively discussion around a New Jersey legislator (who is also a physician), who is promoting EMR technology. Scroll down the page and read through the comments on financing the technology. The public is far more sophisticated on these issues than politicians and pundits may realize. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Patients easily stay in touch with tech
Detroit Free Press - January 22, 2008

Growing use of CT scans fuels medical concerns
Washington Post - January 22, 2008

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center testing 'smart' rooms
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - January 22, 2008

Paging Dr. Internet
eMarketer - January 22, 2008
Events & Product News
High-Tech device cuts errors in mixing meds

FDA concerned about dangers of medical fragments left in bodies

Beth Israel selects Concordant for EMR
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    Poll Shows Americans Value EMR Benefits Over Privacy Concerns: Contributor David St.Clair says that while privacy concerns are legitimate when we talk about the proliferation of health information exchange and EMRs, these concerns need to be put into perspective. [Read More]
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