HealthLeaders Media Quality Weekly - January 17, 2008 | A List Maker Laments
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A List Maker Laments
Maureen Larkin, Senior Editor-Quality
When things get really busy, I depend on a "to-do" list to make sure that I complete everything that needs to get done in a given day. Keeping a list not only helps me track all the things that need to get done at home and at work, but it also allows me a few moments of satisfaction every time I cross off one of the items. I think my "list" habit is why the shutdown of a Johns Hopkins University study last month bothers me so much. [Read More]
January 17, 2008
Editor's Picks

Ruling on research endangers patients, doctors say
Remember the mainstream media attention I said the checklist study has received since its shutdown? This article is just one example of the coverage that I've seen about Peter Pronovost, MD's study and the Office of Human Research Protections. Pronovost's colleagues, including the president of the American Medical Association, defend the study and its findings. [Read More]

Video spreads like a virus
Have you seen the video of CNN host Glenn Beck talking about his hospital experience following what was supposed to be outpatient hemorrhoid surgery? Beck's video has been viewed almost 800,000 times on YouTube, and though Beck won't name the hospital, his description of unkind, dehumanizing care is something that every hospital should be thinking about. [Read More]

Healing more than patients
Atlanta Medical Center's CEO talks about how by changing the hospital's focus, his administration was able to turn an ailing hospital into one that provided quality care, has high patient satisfaction scores, and is seeing a profit. [Read More]

Dennis Quaid says he was misled by hospital
It's one thing to have an error happen at your hospital and have administrators own up to it, but actor Dennis Quaid says that Cedars Sinai Medical Center deliberately misled he and his wife Kimberly, telling them their twins were fine when they had in fact received an overdose of heparin. [Read More]

This Week's Headlines

Family sues PA hospital after newborn twin's death
Philadelphia Inquirer, January 11, 2008

Insurers stop paying for care linked to errors
Wall Street Journal (subscription required), January 15, 2008

Emergency care waits on the rise
Washington Post, January 15, 2008

San Diego County hospitals meet marks on bypasses
San Diego Union-Tribune, January 9, 2008

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Why Is The ED Such A Pain?
The emergency department has a culture all its own with a unique set of challenges to match. It's also your hospital's window to the community. So you'd better make it work. [Read More]  
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Root Cause Analysis Can Boost Quality Without Taxing Staff
Safety systems in high-risk industries such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration may be stellar, but they really can't be applied to the healthcare setting, can they? And root cause analysis is too complex, too expensive, and too time-consuming, right? Not so, says the chief patient safety officer for the Veterans Health Administration. (Article is pay-per-view). [Read More]
Audio Feature
Michael Dowling, CEO of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Hospital in Great Neck, NY, discussed the importance of strong leadership to his hospital's goal of quality during the Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.
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