HealthLeaders Media IT - January 15, 2008 | Lessons in Leadership
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Lessons in Leadership
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

While reporting December's feature article, "Not Just 'Techies' Anymore," I was struck by how much my sources realized the value of the intangibles in workplace motivation. The two "Eds" I interviewed--Ed Marx and Ed Martinez--just seemed to "get" what many managers don't: that it takes much more than a paycheck to motivate today's staff. Both of these fellows acted on the same premise: that the analysts, engineers, and even help desk staff in the IT department want--if not need--to feel connected to the medical mission of their hospitals. [Read More]
January 15, 2008
Editor's Picks
Doc, you've got mail
Here's an update on Group Health Cooperative's online patient services. One of several sources I turned to in HealthLeaders magazine's Sept. 2006 cover story on the Connected Patient, the Seattle-based organization has been a pioneer in utilizing IT to cater directly to consumers. The article points out that any return on Group Health's multi-million dollar investment is hard to measure. To me, online connectivity is just part of the cost of doing business these days. Can you imagine an airline without an online ticketing portal? [Read More]

Data mining lowers MRSA costs
The Los Angeles Times reports on how data mining helped avoid $9 million in treatment costs related to MRSA. It is heartening to see stories like this. It is the use of aggregate data to spot trends and identify looming cost centers that gives IT so much clinical and financial potential. Just imagine if physicians were able to easily track their diabetic patient loads for example and identify who has fallen behind in screening exams or whose lab results are problematic. This article suggests how the healthcare industry can put electronic tools to good use to help overcome these pressing issues. [Read More]

ONCHIT budget stays flat again this year
The federal Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology gets no budget increase, reports Government Health IT. As a result, additional pilot programs for a national health information network, studies analyzing the ROI of health IT, and work around personal health records will not take place, the article notes. Agency head Robert Kolodner still thinks the country can meet the goal of having an EMR in place for every American by 2014. [Read More]

HealthLeaders Media TV
CIOs to the Rescue: Transforming the IT staff from dweebs to strategic partners. Plus news on uncompensated care, healthcare spending, and more. Powered by Trinity Healthforce Learning, this video also presents the week's top news stories. Watch the video now.
Tech Headlines
AHIMA to tackle standards for nursing home IT
Healthcare IT News - January 15, 2008

CMS proposes to restrict cardiac CTA reimbursements
Health Imaging News - January 15, 2008

Surgeons navigating lungs with 3-D maps
Miami Herald - January 15, 2008
Events & Product News
Indiana awards EDS new $209 million Medicaid contract

Spectrum Health collaborates with Cerner and Microsoft

Cisco joins CalRHIO

IT consulting group formed
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  • The New Rainmakers
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    Addressing MRSA: The recent revelation that MRSA is killing more Americans than AIDS compels us to look for better answers--and fast, says contributor Anthony Sanzo. He explains how technology can help. [Read More]
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    Listen: Using the Web to Connect With Patients: Peter Goldschmidt, MD, founder of the Health Improvement Institute in Bethesda, MD, discusses the Web strategies of leading healthcare organizations.
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