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Mail Call
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

It's the season for giving so I thought I'd share with you some of the feedback that readers have so generously e-mailed the past few months. You've had a lot to say--on everything from blogs to infectious disease to firing people. Most of it nice, some of it not, but all of it thought-provoking. [Read More]
  Dec. 21, 2007

Editor's Picks
California health reform passes first vote
California's Assembly passed Gov. Schwarzenegger's universal health insurance plan, paving the way for a $14-billion program that would require everyone in California to purchase health insurance. Being touted as the model for national reform, California's plan must be approved by the state Senate and voters before it goes into effect. [Read More]
Rise of medical tourism
This Q&A with Tarun Khanna, a Harvard Business School Professor specializing in global strategy, discusses the rise of medical tourism and why the globalization of medicine is an interesting study of corporate strategy both within healthcare and outside the industry. Khanna co-authored an HBS case study on the Apollo Hospitals Group, which manages more than 30 hospitals in India. [Read More]
Board on the floor
Hospital boards aren't just for reviewing financials anymore. This month's HealthLeaders magazine cover story discusses the increasing influence of governance on quality efforts and why board involvement is so important. [Read More]
The checklist
Although there's been a big push to apply assembly-line-like protocols to healthcare, physicians and clinicians still push back, saying humans are complex and ever-changing. This article by Atul Gawande explains that while medicine is incredibly complex, it can also be predictable and controlled. Healthcare requires "courage, wits, and improvisation," Gawande writes, but "it should be ready to accept the virtues of regimentation." This must-read article reinforces why the ongoing struggle to implement standard protocols and operating procedures at your organization is difficult but worthwhile. [Read More]
Happy Holidays!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a happy and safe holiday. HealthLeaders Media Corner Office will take next week off, but will return with a new issue January 4, 2008.
HealthLeaders Media TV
The New Rainmakers : Nursing staff shifting from cost center to profit center. Powered by TWL Knowledge Group, this video also presents the week's top news stories. Watch the video now.
This Week's Headlines
Health savings account for poor tested
AP/Yahoo News - December 15, 2007

Senators craft pared-down Medicare plan
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - December 18, 2007
Report offers plan for better healthcare, lower costs
Los Angeles Times - December 18, 2007
Dems end the year without health victory
AP/Yahoo News - December 20, 2007
Pilot program aims to train Spanish-speaking doctors
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - December 18, 2007

Sponsored Headlines From IBM
Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose? The current paths of many healthcare systems around the world will become unsustainable by 2015. Healthcare systems that fail to transform will likely require immediate and major forced restructuring. There is a more positive scenario that will require new levels of accountability, tough decisions and hard work.

Healthcare 2015 and U.S. health plans: New roles, new competencies: The U.S. healthcare system is on an unsustainable path. Health plan providers must help shape and lead the healthcare transformation or risk being marginalized.

In the interest of the patient: This paper explores how by collaborating and sharing data, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries can realize the full value of the information they collect--and improve patient treatments.

From HealthLeaders Magazine
If it Ain't Broke, Fix It

HealthLeaders December 2007 Senior leaders are spending more time on clinical floors, working to identify and eliminate shortcuts before serious errors occur. [Read More]
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  • View from the Top

    Patient Safety: Does Variability in Admissions Matter? Contributors Brad Prenney and Kathleen Kerwin Fuda explain Variability Methodology and how it can improve patient flow. [Read More]
    Audio Feature

    Growing Leaders From Within: Harvard Business School Professor Joseph Bower, is a leadership expert and author of The CEO Within: Why Inside Outsiders Are the Key to Succession Planning. In this interview, Professor Bower discusses succession planning and why growing leaders from within makes for smarter business. [Listen Now]
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