HealthLeaders Media IT - December 18, 2007 | Is This A Valid Claim?
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Is This A Valid Claim?
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Last week I reported on consumer mistrust of health organizations, a gap some are trying to bridge with Web portals. That gap may get bigger, if a recent study that crossed my desk has any merit. The study was commissioned by PNC, and considering that PNC is a financial services firm whose product line includes electronic claims processing, it may give rise to skepticism. Borrowing a simile from my editor, it's like an orange grower commissioning a study on the merits of OJ in the morning. [Read More]
December 18, 2007
Editor's Picks
Building a personal medical database
This Los Angeles Times article goes in-depth into the online personal health record, a topic I touched on in last week's column and one that contributor Jodi Amendola explored in our Contributor's Forum. Jodi's article popped up on our "most e-mailed" list, suggesting the widespread interest in this technology. The Times article reveals that issues other than the inarticulate consumers I wrote about are coming into play. First, like physicians searching for an EMR, consumers have many options to choose from. Some 200 companies offer a product. And a few insurance companies and large healthcare providers, like Kaiser Permanente, are jumping into the fray. The article notes that "Doctors' offices and hospitals aren't used to consumers wanting such information routinely and may balk at the time involved in copying a large chart." That may explain why forward-looking organizations like Kaiser are building online access for patients into current workflows. By anticipating demand today, they will be better positioned tomorrow. [Read More]

Speech recognition demonstrates fewer errors than transcribed reports
Technology giveth and technology taketh away. One of the gripes about speech recognition technology is that it introduces more errors in dictated reports, than say by a professional transcriptionist. It's a big deal for radiologists especially, who have been the early guinea pigs for speech recognition programs. This article looks at a study suggesting that, in fact, technology is an improvement over the old human workflow of dictation and transcription. One question I always ask about transcription is how physicians can effectively review the output several days after dictating the report? [Read More]

RHIOs fail to thrive, new study finds
A new study shows that of 145 RHIOs getting under way nationwide in recent years, only 20 are achieving modest success. This should not surprise anyone who watches the industry closely, as any time you have a sudden surge of interest in a new delivery model, it is almost inevitable that many of the initial players won't make it. That's not to say they're all doomed. For our July issue of HealthLeaders magazine, I analyzed the odds for RHIO longevity, and found a few that will likely be left standing. [Read More]

Happy Holidays!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, have a happy and safe holiday. HealthLeaders Media IT will take next week off, but will return with a new issue December 31.

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