HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - December 12, 2007 | Whose Job Is It Anyway?
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Whose Job Is It Anyway?
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

In last week's column I wrote about whether or not marketers are getting more involved in the strategic end of running a hospital. That got me thinking about all the things that hospital and health system marketers are--and are not--involved in. Now, I could be biased, but it seems to me a lot of functions aren't necessarily the marketer's job but, nevertheless, he or she has a stake in them. [Read More]
  Dec. 12, 2007

Editor's Picks
Kaiser wins trauma center battle
In Sacramento this week, Kaiser Permanente won the right to open the region's next trauma center, beating out rival Methodist Hospital. Both organizations invested in years of planning and engaged in aggressive marketing and PR campaigns to win the county's nod. Reactions to the decision among the Kaiser team included celebratory hugs and apple cider toasts, but there's no news as to whether or not they yelled "w00t!" [Read More]
Keeping the CFO happy
ROI is a hot topic among marketers in every industry, and especially so among hospital and health system marketers. Why? This article offers a simple explanation: It makes the CFO happy. And when the CFO's happy, everybody's happy, right? [Read More]
Moniker mania
When hospitals and health systems merge, there's often a struggle to keep identities and brands intact. The new merged organization ends up with a long, messy name that nobody's ever going to use anyway. Some organizations instead create entirely new names that seem to get their inspiration from the auto industry, the drug industry, or a new-age yoga retreat. As far as newfangled merged names go, however, this one from a Massachusetts system isn't half bad. [Read More]
Good news/bad news
The Washington, DC, City Council is considering licensing pharmaceutical sales representatives to "help protect doctors and patients from disreputable agents who help drive up the costs of prescription drugs." This could cut down on some of the competition for hospital physician relations reps. Or it could open the door for licensing hospital liaisons, too. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Unlikely Heroes
Click to view PDF version. Those in the medical profession are often considered heroes. But Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago expanded the scope of the word "hero" to include not only their own doctors and nurses, but also the donors who support the hospital and the children it treats. The hospital has launched a multi-integrated campaign to spread that message. The campaign, which includes print, radio, TV and online, was designed to appeal to the target demographic--parents of potential patients. With touching stories and well-executed imagery, each campaign element focuses on a different service area or is aimed at a specific target audience, extending the campaign's reach. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

1/16/08: HCAHPS for Marketers: Manage Information Not Crises
1/17/08: Posting Quality Data: How Your Hospital Can Make Transparency Work

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix
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Marketing Forum

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Audio Feature

Fred Gaschen, executive vice president, discusses how Radiological Associates of Sacramento improved satisfaction among patients, referring physicians, and employees. [Listen Now]
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