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Blog Schmog
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

Everyone's got a blog these days: My coworkers, my cousin, my dentist--I half expect my cat to launch her own one day. Even CEOs, the least bloggy types I know, are writing online diaries. We in the media love this kind of honesty from a senior leader-especially when it blows the roof off a scandal á la Whole Foods. But not every senior leader (nor every PR department) is comfortable blogging freely about an organization's inner workings, and, even more, not all blogs are worth reading. [Read More]
  Dec. 7, 2007

Editor's Picks
Nearly 300,000 in Massachusetts seek coverage under new law
Close to 300,000 people have obtained health insurance under Massachusetts' much-touted initiative requiring residents to get insurance by the new year. Experts say this represents coverage to one-half to three-quarters of the state's uninsured. Although dogged by early problems (including an overwhelmed telephone help line and a predicted funding gap), this program is being closely watched across the nation as other states consider their own solutions to the problem of the uninsured. [Read More]
Study finds gaps between doctors' standards and actions
In a survey of 1,600 physicians, almost half said they have failed to report serious medical errors, even though 93 percent said docs should reports all errors they observe, says a new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study found large discrepancies in what physicians said they believed and what they actual do. [Read More]
Which Democrat's health plan really, truly covers more people?
Clinton, Obama, and Edwards all say their respective health plan is the best for America's uninsured, but which plan really is? This Wall Street Journal article compares and contrasts the three plans, with experts weighing in on the possible limitations of each. None of the plans will cover all 47 million uninsured people in the U.S., even if a candidate's plan works out exactly as designed, experts say. [Read More]
What every leader needs to know about followers
We're always talking about leaders (we are, after all, HealthLeaders Media), but what about followers? This month's Harvard Business Review digs into the mindset of followers, breaking them down by type (isolated, bystanders, participants, activists, and diehards) and examining the leader-follower relationship. Experts say knowing your followers can greatly improve your effectiveness as a leader. [Read More]
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HealthLeaders Media this week announced the launch of its newly redeveloped Web site HealthLeaders Media Online now offers Web 2.0 functionality, interactive multi-media, and free access to Web-exclusive stories from the editors of HealthLeaders magazine.
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This Week's Headlines
Two insurers increase bet on Medicare
The New York Times - December 5, 2007

UAW-GM health model to be a test
AP/Chicago Tribune - November 30, 2007
Employers tell workers to get healthy or pay up
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - December 4, 2007
Prescription abuse seen in U.S. nursing homes
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - December 4, 2007
Success depends on others failing, November 26, 2007

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Weeding Out the Weak

HealthLeaders November 2007 Ever wonder why one project succeeds and another falls flat? It may be your people. [Read More]
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