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The Strategic Marketer
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

No matter how many different ways I ask the question, I can never get a straight answer: Are hospital and health system marketing departments playing a more strategic role in operations and helping to make business decisions? For example, are they getting involved with the development of service lines, or simply being asked to create an ad campaign for the line prior to launch? Are they gathering market intelligence and reporting back to the COO or CEO? Or are they at the bottom of the organizational chart, somewhere above the volunteers but well below anyone on the senior leadership team? [Read More]
  Dec. 5, 2007

Editor's Picks
How to tell a good story
This long but fascinating article describes exactly how to tell a good story (as all marketers must be able to do). For a story to enrapture its listeners, says the author, it must be true to the teller, embodying his or her deepest values and conveying them with candor; true to the audience, delivering on the promise that it will be worth people's time by acknowledging listeners' needs and involving them in the narrative; true to the moment, appropriately matching the context yet flexible enough to allow for improvisation; and true to the mission, conveying the teller's passion for the worthy endeavor that the story illustrates and enlisting support for it. [Read More]
Stents for sale
Remember when stents were the next big thing? Doctors were talking about this new way to treat cardiac patients, but apparently they weren't talking enough: A company that makes stents has just launched a massive multi-media direct-to-consumer campaign. [Read More]
Communications crisis
Well, hospitals might still be struggling with the question of whether or not marketing should have a seat at the leadership table, but here's some good, strong evidence that marketing and communications should never be taken lightly--Boston Medical Center got into trouble for sending out a message that was less than clear and violated state insurance rules. [Read More]
End in sight for trauma fight
The contest for the Sacramento region's next trauma center will be decided next week, capping a months-long campaign that has drawn big-dollar advertising and local power players on each side. Kaiser Permanente won the first go-round, a pivotal recommendation from a county official. Methodist Hospital responded by intensifying its campaign with endorsements by a battery of local power players, bringing grass-roots support to community meetings and newspaper ads that extolled Methodist's virtues and criticized Kaiser's faults. [Read More]
Our New Look!
HealthLeaders Media this week announced the launch of its newly redeveloped Web site HealthLeaders Media Online now offers Web 2.0 functionality, interactive multi-media, and free access to Web-exclusive stories from the editors of HealthLeaders magazine.
Campaign Spotlight
NHI launches new AIDS awareness campaign
A new public service campaign that coincides with World AIDS Day on December 1 aims to educate Hispanic teens on the link between non-injection drug use and HIV transmission. The campaign features includes a television spot in a blend of English and Spanish; a Webisode series that will launch soon on, outdoor, transit, and print placements and community events and partnerships. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

12/11/07: Marketing Orthopedics: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns
1/16/08: HCAHPS for Marketers: Manage Information Not Crises
1/17/08: Posting Quality Data: How Your Hospital Can Make Transparency Work

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix
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Marketing Forum

HCAHPS: Gung Ho or Ho Hum? As public reporting for HCAHPS approaches, preparation levels vary among marketers in the healthcare industry. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Mary Kate Scott, healthcare strategy consultant and author of the recently published Health Care in the Express Lane: Retail Clinics go Mainstream, discusses the growing number of hospitals that are adding convenience care to their service offering. [Listen Now]
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