HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - December 5, 2007
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Argole develops EMR and workflow technology
Ben Cole, for HealthLeaders Media
During his time as an oncologist in rural New Mexico, Masoud Khorsand, MD, witnessed firsthand how subspecialty practices struggled to manage operating costs associated with patient care. Frustrated with inefficiency and revenue leaks, Khorsand developed Akessa Oncology, an electronic medical record and practice workflow suite that helps bring financial stability to subspecialty practices. [Read More]
December 5, 2007
Editor's Picks

New Jersey court OKs hospitals' heart work
The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that nine community hospitals can continue performing nonemergency heart angioplasty without full surgical backup. The nine hospitals involved are participating in a research effort designed to determine whether angioplasty is safe enough to be done without the surgical backup available at major medical centers. [Read more]

Pennsylvania surgical centers' growth criticized
Pennsylvania's outpatient surgical centers are continuing to grow, and some say this is weakening the financial health of the state's hospitals. The Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania is critical of the outpatient centers, saying they siphon off the healthiest, best-insured patients, thus making it harder for hospitals to make money. [Read more]

40 million lacking in healthcare
More than 40 million people in the United States say they cannot afford adequate heathcare and go without drugs, eyeglasses or dental treatment, according to the annual report on the nation's health by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. [Read more]

Study ranks Ohio hospitals on quality of treatments
A report that uses Medicare information to compare the performance of Ohio hospitals is now available to consumers. Consumers can use the information to review how well hospitals treat 11 separate conditions in the areas of cardiac care, pulmonary disease, orthopedic surgery and general surgery. [Read more]

Rhode Island grapples with shortage of nurses
Despite a series of innovative programs to solve the problem, there remains a serious shortage of healthcare workers, particularly nurses, in Rhode Island. State healthcare experts say if something is not done, Rhode Island is facing a "health crisis" as aging baby boomers increasingly need care. [Read more]

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Addressing MRSA
The recent revelation that MRSA is killing more Americans than AIDS compels healthcare leaders to look for better answers--and fast, says contributor Anthony Sanzo. [Read more]
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    Each week, Community Call will pose a question to encourage community and rural hospital leaders to share success stories and best practices. This week's question is
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    Live from Top Leadership Teams: Richard Salluzzo, MD, CEO, and Anthony Oliva, DO, chief medical officer, of Wellmont Health System discuss the strategies that senior leaders can take to improve physician relations.
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