HealthLeaders Media IT - April 24, 2007 | Road Warrior
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HealthLeaders IT

Road Warrior
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Most reporters do their research on the telephone. The luxury of in-person reporting has almost gone the way of the fedora with the little card that says "Press." But here at HealthLeaders Media, I am fortunate to get out on the road and meet my CIO sources face to face. My "Behind the Wires" series, now into its fourth year, has been predicated from the get-go on live reporting. Meeting people in person offers some real advantages. It is easier to build trust. And it is easy to spot details that would be missed over the phone. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
April 24, 2007
Editor's Picks
The robot scrubs in
The Philadelphia Inquirer describes how robotic arms make laparoscopic coronary artery bypass surgery less invasive. [Read More]

Big Apple makes big EMR purchase
Stories like this, from the New York Times, demonstrate how local governments are endorsing the value of clinical IT. [Read More]

Former Intel boss promotes clinical IT
In this interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel Corp., jumps on the EMR bandwagon. [Read More]

Second set of UPMC data found on Internet
To me, having my social security number exposed is far scarier than having my lab scores revealed. Identity thieves want the former, and can't understand the latter. [Read More]

Making medical fact-finding easy
The glut of online health information means a new role for medical librarians, this article from the Dallas News explains. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
AOL founder hopes to build new giant among a bevy of healthcare Web sites
New York Times - Apr. 24, 2007

Doctor gets more patient time
News Channel 9 ( - Apr. 24, 2007

CMS launches IT 'university' for physicians
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Apr. 24, 2007

UnitedHealth touts rulings on claims in 10 seconds
Hartford Courant - Apr. 24, 2007

Virtual reality technologies help combat veterans overcome mental wounds
Government Health IT - Apr. 24, 2007
Events & Product News
Former Providence CIO joins Navigant

HIMSS sets RHIO conference

Siemens sees 350th MAGNETOM Trio install

VNA Care Network & Hospice selects WebVMC for telehealth services

MGMA hosts IT Forums in Louisville, Reno
From HealthLeaders Magazine
HealthLeaders Mar. 2007Making the Marriage Work
Some hospitals and tech vendors are pushing the boundaries of their business relationships with joint development deals. [Read More]
  • Behind the Wires: Kaiser
  • Wired Patients

  • Deal: Thomas Memorial Hospital,
        South Charleston, W.Va.
  • IT Leaders Forum

    Fixing the Medical Information Problem
    Making health insurance plans the primary stakeholder of electronic medical records systems addresses many vexing issues, writes contributor Alton Brantley, MD, PhD.
    [Read More]
    Audio Feature

    IT Advocate: Arnd Herz, MD, of Kaiser Permanente's Hayward hospital, talks about how the Web can enhance patient care.
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