HealthLeaders Media IT - May 8, 2007 | How Green Was My Hospital
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How Green Was My Hospital
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

When leaving the condo last night for a hike in Chicago's "Loop," I noticed a large box in the trash collections area. It contained someone's old CPU and monitor. The monitor was one of those clunky "big box" CRTs that used to be state-of-the-art. Destination for this hardware: landfill. Scenes like this occur nationwide. In Chicago and elsewhere, there's no highly visible computer recycling program, even though computers contain reusable materials and may have components that pose environmental hazards. Hospitals already must contend with hazardous medical waste removal as a routine part of business, so they are no strangers to environmental issues. However, like other businesses, they are beginning to realize that environmental stewardship is a wide-reaching, often complicated goal. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
May 8, 2007
Editor's Picks
RFID tracks hospital's devices
The Dallas News reports on asset tracking technology, which is moving from factory floor to hospital environments. This is a versatile innovation, able to serve hospitals as both an infant security device and a way to locate equipment. Here's an article I prepared last July on how one hospital combined RFID and bar-coding. [Read More]

HP joins medical data effort
A big-name IT company joins a statewide data sharing initiative in California, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The state drew attention at the Feb. HIMSS meeting when it was revealed that the long-standing Santa Barbara data exchange had ceased operations. Can the state accomplish what one of its counties could not? [Read More]

'House call' home monitors residents' health
The Chicago Tribune describes how in-home medical devices can be connected remotely. My hunch is that such connections may boost patient compliance. When we know "someone is watching," we may change our behavior. [Read More]

Surfing for healthcare
An Indianapolis health plan enables comparison shopping online. This "transparency" movement is here to stay, especially given the advent of consumer-driven care. [Read More]

Louisiana hospitals need funds for e-health, other services
This story chronicles the ongoing funding crisis in the wake of Katrina, which dramatized the need for clinical IT. My May 2006 article chronicled how the storm was the death blow to the paper chart at Ochsner Clinic. [Read More]

FDA issues online counterfeit drug warning
Bogus on-line "pharmacies" remain in full swing. They are the seamy side of online healthcare. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Lawmakers may refocus rural Internet financing
Washington Post - May 8, 2007

Mobile phone that monitors health developed
E-Health Insider (UK) - May 8, 2007

Texas gets a portable hospital
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - May 8, 2007

Cardiac devices failing
Boston Globe - May 8, 2007
Events & Product News
SureScripts to buy rival network

Head of McKesson Health Solutions says it's time for a new model

City of Hope selects Eclipsys

Lahey Clinic buys an IT portal

Physician offers 'SmartPill' GI monitoring system
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    Audio Feature

    Going Green with Technology: Kent Miller, director of environmental services for Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, IA, discusses technology's role in medical waste disposal and infection control.
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