HealthLeaders Media IT - June 5, 2007 | How Green Was My Hospital II
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How Green Was My Hospital II
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

When it comes to managing waste, Mike Gilmer has his hands full, so to speak. He serves as environmental protection manager at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. I spoke with Mike for my forthcoming feature article in August issue of HealthLeaders magazine. "My job is waste stream management," he said. And quite the stream it is. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
June 5, 2007
Editor's Picks
Obama touts universal health care boosted by IT
The Illinois Senator and presidential hopeful links IT to the goal of holding down the cost of healthcare, reports the Los Angeles Times. [Read More]

Flurry of health IT bills expected on Capitol Hill
Judging by this article in Government Health IT, I'd say the debate in Washington is not going to subside soon. I'd love to hear from readers on their views of the merits of increased federal spending on healthcare IT, given the fact that no federal dollar ever comes without strings attached. [Read More]

Medical Board chief touts role of technology
A California physician describes the future value of telemedicine in the modern medical setting to the San Diego Union Tribune. Richard Fantozzi, MD, has a vision for medicine in California that includes video screens and computer monitors across the state. He's a San Diego surgeon who was elected to a one-year term as president of the Medical Board of California last month. [Read More]

Cost put a stroke treatment out of reach, then technology made it possible
HFor $10,000 a year, Martha's Vineyard (MA) Hospital links to the Harvard hospitals with videoconferencing and image-sharing technology, reports the New York Times. The article describes how the small hospital on an island is able to extend services to patients that once would have been unattainable. [Read More]

AMA wants doctors to swap idea online
The Chicago-based American Medical Association is working with a startup company that encourages doctors to swap ideas online and charges investment firms to view postings that could serve as tip-offs to drug side effects and other market-moving medical trends, reports the Washington Post. [Read More]

Blogger unmasked, court case upended
Here's a remarkable story from the Boston Globe about a pediatrician whose blogging activities are revealed in court. A "Perry Mason moment updated for the Internet age," the Globe reports. The blog posts apparently hastened the outcome of the doctor's own malpractice trial. For additional research on this topic, see "Paging Dr. Blog" below. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
IRS clears way for hospitals to donate EHR software to docs
Government Health IT - June 5, 2007

Paging Dr. Blog: Online discourse raises questions
USA Today - June 5, 2007

Doctors to receive high-tech training
Kansas City Star - June 5, 2007

HealthCare Partners puts prices online
HealthLeaders News Brief - June 5, 2007

Stent implant use on the decline
Health Imaging News - June 5, 2007
Events & Product News
Qualcomm plans move into health business

Great Plains Regional Medical Center picks Medseek to build portal

Southern Regional Health System selects Agfa for picture archiving

MEDecision signs Lovelace Health Plan

National Business Group on Health selects University of Michigan's Health Management Research Center
From HealthLeaders Magazine
HealthLeaders May 2007Where the IV Pumps Roam
Hospitals use wireless technology to keep tabs on vital assets--patients included. [Read More]
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    Building "green" hospitals requires technological innovation. But America's hospitals are up to the task, contends Stacy Malkan of Health Care Without Harm.
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    A unified set of open interoperability standards has been achieved in other industries. Contributor Newt Gingrich says that is exactly what we need in healthcare.
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    Automating the ED--Vendor Selection: Stewart Watson, MD, medical director of the emergency department at St. Clare's Hospital, Weston, Wisc., talks about selecting the right EMR vendor. (Part 1 of 3)
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