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Buyer Beware
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

Have you ever worked in a place where new software was selected by "higher ups?" Where you suddenly found yourself using an application you had little or no say in selecting? It can be a recipe for user disgruntlement. Which is exactly why John Baldwin scuttled the old "top-down" approach when Riley Children's Foundation went shopping for donor management software. Baldwin is the information technology director at the Foundation, which raises some $30 million annually for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
June 12, 2007
Editor's Picks
Banking on privacy: States and the federal government take contrasting approaches to building large medical record repositories
The technology to compile substantial clinical data repositories is here, and sharing the information across multiple organizations is no longer the impossible dream. But as this article from Government Health IT points out, the ownership and privacy issues are complicated. For more on "massive databases," see the article below. [Read More]

Parkway installs bedside computer technology
I love stories like this. Check out the photo of the physician and nurse by the new bedside, touch-screen monitor in Parkway Hospital, a community facility in Decatur, Alabama. They are beaming with pride, and the local newspaper caught the spirit of the new Emergency Department order entry system. For smaller hospitals, IT can be a source of genuine inspiration that we "big city" media types sometimes dismiss. [Read More]

Former lawmakers push e-health on the hill
The Health IT Now! coalition plans to lobby Congress to eliminate barriers to electronic health records and to establish guidelines to ensure patient privacy, reports this online publication. My question is this: if the feds can actually find the money to support healthcare IT (no easy task given our mounting debts), how will they parcel out the cash? [Read More]

Independent docs discover there is power in numbers
The Portland (OR) Business Journal describes how a local IPA is helping small physician practices install EMR technology. Group purchasing and centralized training services are helping these small businesses automate their clinical record-keeping. To me, this demonstrates how American ingenuity can fill a vacuum--without government intervention ('08 Candidates: Maybe there's a lesson here). [Read More]

Why progress toward electronic health records is worse than you think
This provocative (and lengthy) editorial from Information Week analyzes the failure of the Santa Barbara Care Data Exchange. It provides a nice summary of the key issues to be resolved by the industry. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
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IT execs gird for hurricane season
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What's next for computed tomography
Health Imaging & IT - June 12, 2007

First simultaneous PET/MR images of the brain achieved
Health Imaging News - June 12, 2007

Information Governance will be ongoing challenge in the UKe
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Events & Product News
Georgetown University Hospital expands radiosurgery capacity

Cleveland Clinic to host 2007 Medical Innovation Summit

Alta Bates Medical Group chooses Panoratio

Piedmont and Piedmont Fayette Hospitals add self-scheduling for nurses

Hoboken University Medical Center hires NIT Health to run IT department in outsourcing pact
From HealthLeaders Magazine
HealthLeaders May 2007Where the IV Pumps Roam
Hospitals use wireless technology to keep tabs on vital assets--patients included. [Read More]
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    Healthcare Crisis: EMR Non-acceptance in the U.S.

    A mandate like HIPAA for electronic medical records and personal health records must be forthcoming, says contributor Bill Bysinger.
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    The Architecture of Healing

    Building "green" hospitals requires technological innovation. But America's hospitals are up to the task, contends Stacy Malkan of Health Care Without Harm.
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    Audio Feature

    Automating the ED (Part II), Deployment: Stewart Watson, MD, medical director of the emergency department at St. Clare's Hospital, Weston, WI, talks about EMR deployment.
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