HealthLeaders Media IT - July 24, 2007 | My Night in Purgatory
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My Night in Purgatory
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

The evening started pleasantly enough, as my wife and I strolled some two miles out to Navy Pier. It was hot and humid though, and I was likely dehydrated as we approached the main building. As journalists like to say, "for reasons that remain unclear," I turned too quickly into what appeared to be an open space. It was, in fact, a giant plate glass window. I bumped smack into the thick glass, driving my glasses into the bridge of my nose, and managed to shed quite a bit of blood from a skin wound. My quick-thinking wife guided me to a nearby bench and summoned help. Within an instant, I was surrounded by caregivers. Next thing I know, I am being whisked to the ED at a nearby teaching hospital. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
July 24, 2007
Editor's Picks
Arizona hospital sends patient a $49 million bill
A computer glitch caused a community hospital in Arizona to send out multiple incorrect bills, including one for the whopping amount of $49 million. It's a reminder that when computers misfire, mistakes can be compounded quickly--and exponentially. Let's just hope there is not a malpractice suit filed for the pain and suffering endured. [Read More]

Hospitals sometimes push 'stop' when parents want to video childbirths
Lawsuit fears and privacy concerns have fueled efforts to squelch delivery-room recording, even when capturing any moment--mundane or momentous--is as easy as flipping open a cell phone. The Sacramento Bee reports how some hospitals are becoming camera-shy. That's right, fear of being sued is a factor. [Read More]

Robot visits patients when doctor can't
The Associated Press reports on how robots can fill in for medical staff. Apparently these robots can be quite the hit with other staff. I wrote an article on this technology for HealthLeaders magazine in 2005. [Read More]

Cell phones, PDAs, and EHR systems
Here's a detailed article on how wireless gadgets may one day interact with clinical information systems. This one's from Virtual Medical Worlds, an online publication that does a good job of staying on top of technological research. [Read More]

Major E-health records project unravels into legal battle
Remember Dossia, the personal health record project announced last December by Wal-Mart, Intel, and some other large well-heeled employers? Seems that the project is stalling--around legal action, not technology capability. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Hospital E-record systems pay for themselves - July 24, 2007

St. Louis hospital part of test of new heart valve procedure
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - July 24, 2007

Physician EMR adoption to hit 30 percent, poll says
United Press International - July 24, 2007

HIPAA needs expansion, says HHS advisory group
Health Imaging News - July 24, 2007
Events & Product News
AHIP launches certificate program for IT professionals

Paradise Valley Hospital installs picture archiving system

Tennessee group selects Allscripts

St. Joseph Health System deploys Wyse thin clients
From HealthLeaders Magazine
HealthLeaders July 2007Challenge in Carolina
Safety-net provider. Teaching institution. Testing ground for new technology. UNC Health Care is all of these things-welcome to life as an academic medical center.[Read More]
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