HealthLeaders Media IT - September 18, 2007 | Law of Unintended Consequences
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Law of Unintended Consequences
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

This editorial in the Boston Globe offers a key perspective. Even though he's pro-technology, a physician laments how using an EMR can impinge on the doctor-patient relationship. "Despite repositioning the computer in every imaginable way, I often find myself making more eye contact with the screen than I do with my patients. It is simply more difficult to face a patient while typing than while writing," says Michael Hochman, MD, a resident at the Cambridge Health Alliance. This is a common, but little discussed aspect of incorporating technology into the clinical setting. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
September 18, 2007
Editor's Picks
Small steps toward an electronic future
Due to competing interests of providers, insurers and other players, the healthcare industry has struggled for years to make the leap to standardized electronic records system, reports the Fort Worth Star Telegram. But now some health insurers are taking steps to make some important--albeit limited--information available electronically to healthcare providers. [Read More]

Three Midwest counties launch information exchange initiative
This short piece notes how counties in southern Indiana are going to piggyback on the infrastructure of another RHIO, HealthBridge, which is based in Cincinnati. I profiled HealthBridge a couple of years ago. The data exchange has quietly accomplished what so many others continue to talk about. [Read More]

Cell phones in hospitals: Bad Rx
Time magazine reports on the latest research suggesting cell phones can cause interference with other equipment in the hospital. I have visited several hospitals that have loosened restrictions on cell phone use, often as a customer service tool. Many CIOs have assured me the interference issue is overblown. If any readers can share their policies and thinking, I'd be glad to publish your thoughts on this issue. [Read More]

Push builds for computerized prescribing
The Chicago Tribune outlines a few efforts to promote electronic prescribing. It seems like it would be a no-brainer to do, but multiple physicians have described to me how local pharmacies can be the barrier. Some are neither prepared nor want prescriptions dispatched electronically. And often times, electronic prescriptions are little more than print to fax services. The prescription does come across legibly, but it is a far cry from electronic data exchange. [Read More]

Doctors charting high-tech path
A community newspaper in Vermont discusses EMR adoption among local physicians. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Clinton co-sponsors DRA imaging cut moratorium
Health Imaging News - September 18, 2007

Inkjet technology could lead to patches replacing needles
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - September 18, 2007

Failed AcerMed leaves some customers scrambling
Digital HealthCare & Productivity - September 18, 2007

For doctors, diagnosing gets a technological boost
USA Today - September 18, 2007
Events & Product News
Checking heart health with a home monitor

The Joint Commission launches online forum to link health professionals

Loma Linda University Medical Center selects Beryl to manage call center

Natchez Regional Medical Center picks Optio
Sponsored Headlines From AT&T
Transition to Digital: More and more hospitals are going paperless.

RHIO: Electronic health records could save as much as $78 billion.

RFID: Business Revolution: Advancements in RFID are causing big changes.

AHA Endorses AT&T: Hospitals need secure, digital databases--AT&T can help.

Improving the View: New videoconferencing technologies will benefit the enterprise.
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HealthLeaders September 2007EMR Pushback
EMR systems promise a long list of benefits, but most physician practices remain unconvinced. Can clinical IT proponents entice physicians to retire their paper charts for good? [Read More]
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    A few simple steps can ease the transition to automated clinical documentation, says contributor Jill Arena.
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    A 'Green' Legacy (Part II): Tom Badrick, sustainability coordinator at Legacy Health System in Portland, OR, discusses the financial return on investment of being an environmental steward.
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