HealthLeaders Media IT - October 23, 2007 | Physician Grumbling Preempted
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Physician Grumbling Preempted
Gary Baldwin, Technology Editor

We often hear about how physicians dislike electronic medical record technology. Well, the Marshfield Clinic in upstate Wisconsin has figured out a way around that. For the last two decades, the physician-owned private group practice has been developing its own homegrown EMR. I detailed some of their struggles nearly three years ago for HealthLeaders magazine. I had the opportunity to catch up last week in person with some staff members from the clinic. [Read More]
Gary Baldwin
October 23, 2007
Editor's Picks
New Hampshire doctors getting greater access to e-prescribing programs
Three new programs will enable New Hampshire doctors to use electronic devices to prescribe medications, reports the Boston Globe. Two of the programs provide doctors with software and a mobile pocket PC. In the third, Concord Hospital will serve as a test site for an electronic medical record system that enables doctors to write and send prescriptions electronically. Electronic prescribing is one area where IT can provide some immediate bang for the buck, as it eliminates handwriting issues plus creates a record of fulfillment. Of course, getting patients to actually take those pills is another issue. [Read More]

Nationwide medical records system to be developed
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has awarded the Indiana University School of Medicine a $2.5 million contract to begin a trial implementation of a Nationwide Health Information Network. The grant, one of nine issued by the government, will help the Indianapolis-based Regenstrief Institute design a platform for data exchange among competing healthcare organizations. It brings to mind a gripe a physician aired at the TEPR conference a couple of years ago. In essence, he said that while government sponsorship of IT projects was noble in the long run, he was suffering in the short term from Medicare cutbacks. [Read More]

Pfizer joins online doctors' forum
An online forum where 30,000 doctors swap medical observations has lined up a partnership with Pfizer Inc. The partnership comes despite the site's founding ideal, which was to give doctors a place to communicate without the pharmaceutical industry listening in. This article highlights one of the most controversial aspects of online healthcare Web sites, namely sponsorship and editorial independence. At the Cerner event I wrote about last week, I met John Robotham, director of EMR/hospital integration with The site offers clinical content to thousands of subscribers worldwide--and accepts no advertising whatsoever. That, Robotham said, is a big part of its appeal to physicians. [Read More]
Tech Headlines
With health site, Microsoft has to earn people's trust - October 23, 2007

Revamped Medicare Web site easier to navigate, officials say
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - October 23, 2007

Online support lags for health savings accounts
Business Journal of Milwaukee - October 23, 2007
Events & Product News
Medtronic suspends sale of heart device

GE Healthcare buys Web-based medical imaging company

Online site stores medical content for doctors
Sponsored Headlines From AT&T
Transition to Digital: More and more hospitals are going paperless.

RHIO: Electronic health records could save as much as $78 billion.

Improving the View: New videoconferencing technologies will benefit the enterprise.

RFID: Business Revolution: Advancements in RFID are causing big changes.

AHA Endorses AT&T: Hospitals need secure, digital databases--AT&T can help.
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HealthLeaders October 2007Will There Be Enough Doctors?
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