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Beer me!
Philip Betbeze, Senior Editor-Finance

Strange headline for a healthcare finance column--I'll grant you that. But amazing things can happen when you take the time to meet over a beer after work. Some of the tension of normally adversarial relationships just flows out of the room over a cold glass of your favorite malt beverage. In the case of a couple of harried hospital executives, a trip to the local tavern turned out to be just what the doctor ordered in the contentious decision over how hospitals can afford call coverage. [Read More]
  Oct. 29, 2007

Editor's Picks
Prime Healthcare renews bid for Anaheim hospital
In July, California's attorney general declined to approve a $55 million offer from Prime Healthcare to buy struggling Anaheim Memorial Medical Center from MemorialCare, a nonprofit hospital chain in Southern California. Prime Healthcare is owned by Dr. Prem Reddy, a controversial figure to say the least, in California healthcare. Now Prime has made another bid, but so have half a dozen other companies. With MemorialCare's other hospitals performing well, here's hoping MemorialCare's senior leadership team, good friends of HealthLeaders Media, has the right alchemy this time to get the deal approved by the state attorney general. [Read More]
Sickly turn for WellCare
It's been a long time since we read about a good old-fashioned FBI raid on a health plan or hospital company. Here's one to whet your appetite. Wonder if more are in the works? Like all bad things, do FBI healthcare raids come in threes? [Read More]
Children's hospital to close
Ten years isn't long for a hospital lifespan, but after $19 million in losses last year, Temple University officials have had enough of their children's hospital. The 70-bed hospital averages less than two dozen patients a day and will close by the end of the year. [Read More]
Despite warnings, DC to help buyer with hospital
Despite a warning from the city's chief financial officer that the buyer is unstable, the Washington, DC, city council has approved spending $79 million to help a for-profit company buy the financially struggling Greater Southeast Community Hospital. The hospital was likely to have closed if the funding had not been approved. [Read More]
Finance Forum
The Housing Market's Ripple Effect on Healthcare
Until the recent subprime mortgage crisis burst the housing bubble, homeowners were able to tap into increased property values to meet other financial obligations, including healthcare bills. But the recent tightening of underwriting standards and the rapid decline in housing prices have limited the consumer's ability to access capital. The end result is an increasing inability for many consumers to meet financial commitments--a situation that will affect the healthcare industry as providers attempt to collect from patients. [Read More]
Finance Headlines
California hospital owner puts off plan to cut service
San Francisco Chronicle - October 29, 2007
HCA plans to spend $143 million to expand flagship hospital
The Tennessean - October 29, 2007
South St. Louis County ground zero of a medical invasion
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - October 29, 2007
Developer buys shuttered L.A. hospital
Los Angeles Times - October 29, 2007
Two Chicago-area hospitals set to move on expansions
Chicago Tribune - October 29, 2007
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HealthLeaders Media News - October 29, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Will There Be Enough Doctors?
HealthLeaders October 2007 With a multitude of baby boom physicians nearing retirement and an aging U.S. population needing ever more care, how bad will the physician shortage really get--and what can you do about it? [Read More]
Money Talk

A look at one hospital's struggles to improve

Self Regional Healthcare, Greenwood, SC

Rating: A2
Outlook: Positive
Affected Debt: $124 million
Agency: Moody's Investors Service
Remarks: Revised outlook from stable because of dominant market share of 92 percent in primary service area and an eight-year trend of increasing cash flow. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Building Physician Alignment: Laurance Stuntz, a partner with CSC's Global Health Solutions consulting organization, discusses building physician alignment and patient volume through EMR and practice management assistance.
Evanston's Dilemma: Mark Neaman, CEO of Evanston Northwestern Healthcare in Chicago, discusses what a recent Federal Trade Commission ruling means for the health system and its immediate and long-term future.
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