HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - November 14, 2007 | (Virtual) Reality Check
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(Virtual) Reality Check
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

There was plenty of discussion about new media at the 2007 HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards held last Friday, including forecasts about what the future might bring. Among the predictions I heard, even if they might have been exaggerated for effect: Every hospital CEO will have a blog, every doctor will be on Facebook, and all marketing will be delivered via cell phone. A future where marketers put 100 percent of their ad buys into cell phones? I'm not buying it. [Read More]
  Nov. 14, 2007

Editor's Picks
This little widget went to market
Of course, as soon as I start thinking about how most new media marketing ideas are overrated, I see this Inc. magazine article on widgets. And I think: Someday, all marketing will be done via widgets. Widgets are perfect healthcare marketing vehicles. Expectant mothers could go to your site, download a widget, install it on their desktop, and click on it to see what their baby looks like whenever they choose. An ortho patient might download a widget that reminds them to get up from their computer and stretch or take a short walk every 30 minutes. These consumers aren't just open to receiving your message--they're actively involved and engaged in it. Naturally, the widgets are branded to your organization and include your Web site address and ask-a-nurse hotline. [Read More]
This little gadget should have stayed home
On the other hand, there's nothing more annoying to me and, I imagine, many other consumers, when those little ads pop up on a Web site asking me to take a survey. I'm jaded enough to know that this is a tactic to get information from me, and not just because my opinion is so very important to the organization. Still, if you're going to gather information this way, this article includes some hints to help you at least do it well. [Read More]
WebMd expands brand, presence
Doctors might be better off canceling Highlights and subscribing to the new WebMD magazine as the site continues to expand its already strong influence over consumers. WebMD says it has found a new way to reach customers by tracking their search preferences and providing quick answers, and large hospitals are following with diagnostic tools of their own. So what can hospitals learn from the site? Search histories indicate that patients are interested in health and wellness information, personalized health information, and a closer, more informal relationship with their doctors--as opposed to information about specific diseases. [Read More]
Seen one, seen the mall
In a reversal of prior policy, Mayo Clinic is turning to express care clinics in an attempt to quickly treat existing patients while drawing new ones, and to counter the popularity of rival retail clinics. The growing trend is a response to patient demand for low-cost, walk-in care, and hospital demand for simple procedures with high reimbursement. The 262-square-foot kiosk in Albert Lea is just one of dozens surrounding Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. So customers there have lots of options when they stop off for a quick blood pressure check before buying an oversalted pretzel from the kiosk at the mall. [Read More]
Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at HealthLeaders Media, Happy Thanksgiving. HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly will take next week off, but will return with a new issue November 28.
Campaign Spotlight
Catalyst for Fundraising
Click to view Web site.Small hospitals struggling to keep up with the latest equipment could get lucky by winning an $800,000 magnetic resonance imaging system from Siemens Medical Solutions. To compete for the prize, hospitals with fewer than 150 beds must submit a video explaining why they need the new system. To demonstrate the peril their elderly patients face when visiting a traveling MRI unit that currently visits the facility three times a week, hospital staff at Clay County Medical Center, a 25-bed hospital in Clay Center, KS, wrote, produced and acted in a video titled "Granny Gets an MRI." [Read More]
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11/15/07: Marketing to Women: Proven Techniques to Reach Key Healthcare Decision-Makers
12/11/07: Marketing Orthopedics: Strategies for Service Line Campaigns

4/6/08: National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies, Phoenix
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Marketing Forum

A Brand New World: Conversations about brand and responsibility for its strategic direction have typically rested in the wrong hands within the provider enterprise. Instead of being a marketer's tool, the brand of your organization must be placed squarely atop of the CEO's agenda, says contributor Jeffrey Nemetz. [Read More]
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Mary Kate Scott, healthcare strategy consultant and author of the recently published Health Care in the Express Lane: Retail Clinics go Mainstream, discusses the growing number of hospitals that are adding convenience care to their service offering. [Listen Now]
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