HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly- August 22, 2007 | Death By Meeting
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Death By Meeting
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Did you know that a backlash against meetings is emerging in the business world? Organizations are putting meeting-free days on the calendar and canceling all meetings that don't have a direct impact on achieving strategic goals. Instead, they're asking employees to spend that time thinking of new ways to make their customers happy. I think that it's especially hard to get a good backlash going against meetings in the healthcare world, where an emphasis on collaboration and information-sharing actually saves people's lives. But what about in non-clinical areas? Is anyone making any progress in these fields? In fact, they are. [Read More]
  August 22, 2007

Editor's Picks
More death by meeting
AdAge columnist Eric Webber has a vision of hell--and it involves a windowless room with a big table in the middle, pie charts and the occasional Ziggy cartoon. Smaller agencies tend to waste less time in meetings, he says, but there's still a way to make meetings more productive: Stop scheduling so damn many of them. [Read More]
A quality brand strategy
Physicians Medical Center Carraway in Birmingham, AL, is about to launch a $500,000 marketing campaign that aims to capitalize on a new identity and convince patients that doctors bought the hospital and choose to practice there because they believe in the quality of care it provides. A key piece of the campaign is an internal effort that CEO Bob Bernstein believes will also help spread the message to external customers, including patients and physicians. [Read More]
First contact
More and more hospitals are working to differentiate themselves from the competition based on customer service. But some are fumbling the first point of contact--the telephone switchboard or call center. A recent study from the Beryl Institute reveals that 60 percent of calls to hospitals are mishandled. There's a financial stake here: The average contact center caller generates $4,000 in downstream charges in the year subsequent to the initial interaction, according to a report from Thomson-owned Solucient. [Read More]
Amazing e-mail marketing!
Most of us have been working with e-mail long enough that we understand there are some words that just won't get your message through the SPAM filter. But did you realize that many words marketers use everyday-such as "amazing" or "online marketing"--could send your next e-mail to the junk mail folder? presents a list of more than 100 terms that you should never include in your e-mails, unless you want them to end up as SPAM. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Moving ads move market share
Click to view PDF version.When a competitor started to advertise its new maternity ward, Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY, fought back with an obstetrics campaign that's helped them to move market share and stir emotions. The goal of the artful campaign was to establish the 566-bed hospital as the regional center for complicated pregnancies by focusing on Crouse's range and depth of OB/perinatal and NICU services. The campaign, created with the help of ad agency Eric Mower and Associates, which has an office in Syracuse, consisted of regional TV, radio, outdoor, print and online media.

The campaign was designed to be simple and economical without compromising on quality. Done mainly in black and white, with subtle touches of pink and blue throughout, each piece features a service line and a baby. The close-up shots and the soft, simple photographs help to capture the viewer's attention and appeal to the target market-women of childbearing age. [Read More]

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Realize the value of marketing to EMTs: Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are usually the ones who decide where a patient will go in an emergency situation, and a Boston-area patient-care simulation center is making sure that hospitals are first on the minds of first responders when they are making that decision. [Read More]
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