HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly- September 26, 2007 | Cleveland Clinic's "Other CEO"
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Cleveland Clinic's 'Other CEO'
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Scoff at her title if you will, but the Cleveland Clinic's new chief experience officer says she intends to do nothing less than set a new standard for patient satisfaction. "I was met with some cynicism and skepticism at this organization," admits the clinic's "other" CEO, M. Bridget Duffy, MD. "I think if all this role does is put apples in a basket in the emergency department or wireless remotes in waiting rooms, then people should be skeptical." [Read More]
  Sept. 26, 2007

Editor's Picks
Internal experience design
The Cleveland Clinic isn't the only organization that's interested in enhancing the patient experience, of course. This article details several ways that hospitals are working to be more patient- and family-friendly, from color schemes to room design. But the biggest changes in hospitals today, the article notes, are philosophical. [Read More]
Sign of the retail times: Closed?
Those who predicted retail medical clinics would never work will be happy to read this story: Indianapolis-based Corner Care Clinic, which had touted aggressive plans to open medical clinics inside pharmacies nationally and spent $250,000 marketing in the past three months alone, has instead suddenly closed. [Read More]
New media has its share of troubles
It's not too often that you hear about the downside of new media. But it does exist, says Scott D. Cotherman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Corbett Accel Healthcare Group. Regulating truth and ensuring fairness, taste and decency in advertising today has become more challenging since the explosion of social media, which allows consumers to view banned ads through sites like YouTube and can adversely impact brand market share and companies' market capitalization as a result of widely disseminated rumors, he said in a keynote address to the National Advertising Division annual conference. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Fold-Out Card Helps Hospital Expand Business
Click to view PDF version.Looking to create a print campaign that stands out in the crowd and lasts longer than a monthly magazine's limited shelf life? One company says it can help. The Z-Card, about the size of a business card when closed, folds out to reveal a full-page of information about your organization. "We used the z-card model to create long-lasting, durable, personal medical cards that people could keep with them in one place," says Marla Mayer, director of community relations for the 25-bed Queen of Peace Hospital in New Prague, MN. The hospital partnered with a local ambulance service to print basic medical information in case of emergency on 10,000 cards that can be personalized by patients. [Read More]
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10/18/07: ROI Challenges: Prove Results On Hard-To-Measure Hospital Marketing Efforts
11/15/07: Marketing to Women: Proven Techniques to Reach Key Healthcare Decision-Makers

10/3/07: SHSMD annual meeting, Washington, DC
10/11/07: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago
10/21/07: Healthcare Strategy Institute, Hospital & Physician Relations: An Executive Summit, Phoenix, AZ
11/9/07: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, New York City
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Retail Decisions

With competitors opening clinics in everything from drugstores to supermarkets, hospital executives are being forced to decide: Should we do nothing or dive in? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Transparency: It's About the Customers: Hospital executives are busily working to figure out a way to provide patients with the data they're demanding to make decisions. And fueled by the rise in consumer-directed health plans, the transparency movement is here to stay. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Susan Mullaney, vice president of cardiovascular and surgical services at Fairview Southdale in Minneapolis, discusses three trends that affect the cardiovascular service line. [Listen Now]
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