HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly- August 29, 2007 | Death To Meetings!
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Death To Meetings!
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Last week's column, Death by Meeting, really hit a nerve. Apparently, many of you are also sick and tired of wasting time (and trying to stay awake) in pointless meetings. And I received some great e-mails from those of you who are, indeed, doing something about it. Some of you are waging a quiet war against meetings. Several people wrote that they've been spending a lot less time in meetings since they dared to start hitting the "decline" button in response to Outlook meeting invites. It makes you want to stand up and (quietly) cheer, doesn't it? [Read More]
  August 29, 2007

Editor's Picks
The best offense?
Two Florida hospitals position themselves in the market based on their quality rankings and what happens? They're criticized in the local paper by competitors who say the rankings are meaningless. In the article, unnamed critics also call into question whether the $150,000 fee that HealthGrades charges for the right to promote top-50 rankings cloud its judgment. A leader at one competitor hospital says it didn't "waste money" to claim a high score in one specialty. Is that a good strategy? Or does it sound like sour grapes? [Read More]
Concrete evidence of a service line trend
I'm always interested when something we've been writing about for a while starts turning up in the mainstream press. It usually means the "trend" has become standard practice. This article, which profiles an architectural firm that specializes in building comfortable and visually-pleasing cancer treatment centers for hospitals, is a good example of that. With continuing changes in the healthcare market, cancer care facilities have evolved from sterile, clinical environments into integrated and user-friendly centers that welcome patients and families with spa-like amenities, Connie Cook, director of the Cancer Center for The Christ Hospital in Mount Auburn, PA, tells the Cincinnati Enquirer. [Read More]
Putting the patient back in patient care
Patient care is about more than being competent, writes Nick Jacobs, president of Windber Medical Center and the Windber Research Institute. It's about being human, too. Posting on patient-centered care on the "World Health Care Blog," he talks about creating an environment where patients can take part in and make decisions about their care and making the healthcare industry more like the hospitality industry. "Of course, this concept was unheard of and rejected for all of the institutional reasons," he writes. "It was the same set of criteria that probably dictated that the walls were to be painted white or that awful shade of institutional green." [Read More]
Swedish's market reach is growing
Swedish Medical Center is forging relationships with Chinese and Japanese hospitals and physicians in a bid to draw more Asian patients needing the specialized care that Swedish offers. The project is one of several strategies that Swedish's new CEO, Dr. Rod Hochman, has embraced as a way to keep the Seattle hospital organization's revenue growing at an annual rate of at least 5 percent. [Read More]
Marketing lessons from the hospital
It's a scene that plays out countless times on television: A somber doctor plods into a waiting room and gravely informs the patient's family of their loved one's condition, only to hear them frantically say, "Speak English!" Other industries, writes the "Manhattan Marketing Maven," could learn a lesson or two from hospital marketers, who know how important it is to overcome language barriers and communicate important information to their customers in clear and concise language. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Hello Life
Click to view PDF version.Last February, the phrase "Hello Life" was everywhere in metro Birmingham. Drivers along the city's interstates saw the message on billboards. Radio listeners were teased by voices of different ages saying, "Hello Life." Part-time workers, hired by Mobile, AL-based ad agency Sullivan-St. Clair, stood on city streets, passing out T-shirts, bumper stickers, window decals and other promotional items bearing the slogan.

But one thing they wouldn't give away was who was behind the campaign. That remained a mystery for weeks before Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham announced it was behind the cheerful, yet mysterious ads. [Read More]

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Think you're headed for the top floor? Are you sure? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Realize the value of marketing to EMTs: Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are usually the ones who decide where a patient will go in an emergency situation, and a Boston-area patient-care simulation center is making sure that hospitals are first on the minds of first responders when they are making that decision. [Read More]
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Jim Blazar, chief marketing officer for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Cleveland Clinic Health System, discusses marketing's growing influence within the healthcare industry. [Listen Now]
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