HealthLeaders Media Marketing Weekly - October 3, 2007 | Packing For DC
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Packing For DC
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Today's the opening day of one of the biggest healthcare marketing events of the year--the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development's annual conference in Washington, DC. The conference will draw about 1,500 people, including attendees, speakers, and vendors, according to SHSMD president-elect David Marlowe. "It's going to be a pretty good crowd," he says. It's going to be a pretty fun crowd, too. [Read More]
  October 3, 2007

Editor's Picks
Is that bacon on your forehead or are you happy to work here?
I don't usually watch videos online at work (honestly!) but this one was totally worth disturbing my coworkers. In it, one ad agency exec performs a song called "Shaving Sucks," which helped win an account and another offers some sage advice about employee relations. "I think you have to celebrate creative people," says Richard Kirshenbaum of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners. "I once hired this intern and one day I came into the office and he had taped bacon to his forehead . . . We always had this feeling at K & B that creative people are nutty and you have to let them do their thing. If a guy wants to wear bacon on his forehead but he's writing good ads, fine." [Read More]
Nonprofits follow consumers to the cutting edge
Nonprofit organizations, including the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, are turning away from traditional media outlets such as television, and focusing their marketing efforts on new media. And they're not just using online vehicles, but also considering ads on cell phones and in video games, according to the New York Times. [Read More]
A crowded field in Indiana
When you think of medical hotspots, you might not think of Fishers, IN. But competition is heating up there, with plans for new or expanded facilities that will bring the total number of major providers to three in this town, which has a population of about 45,000. [Read More]
Uploaders are influencing your brand
Want to launch your brand into cyberspace? Pay attention to uploaders--Internet users who drive social media. They're extremely effective brand advocates (or detractors). Research shows they tend to be more positive about brands they're interested in and will actively recommend a product or service they like. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
Wellness Campaign has Akron Looking Up
Click to view PDF version.When someone called the police to report a man hanging off of a billboard, Mary Brackle, director of marketing at the Akron (OH) General Medical Center, knew she had done her job well. The 537-bed facility was already known locally for its medical center and nationally for its wellness center. So when Akron General decided to launch an additional wellness facility, the marketing department wanted to make sure it would make a big splash. Working with the BVK agency in Milwaukee, the print, TV, and radio elements were fairly routine. But when it came time to create the billboard portion of the campaign, the team decided to mix things up. "We really needed something that would make people look up and remember," says Brackle. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

10/18/07: ROI Challenges: Prove Results On Hard-To-Measure Hospital Marketing Efforts
11/15/07: Marketing to Women: Proven Techniques to Reach Key Healthcare Decision-Makers

10/11/07: HealthLeaders Media Top Leadership Teams, Chicago
10/21/07: Healthcare Strategy Institute, Hospital & Physician Relations: An Executive Summit, Phoenix, AZ
11/9/07: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Awards, New York City
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Retail Decisions

With competitors opening clinics in everything from drugstores to supermarkets, hospital executives are being forced to decide: Should we do nothing or dive in? [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Living Your Brand Promise: Brand management is more than a slick logo with a snappy tagline. Brand management means consistently fulfilling the brand promise with every individual who comes in contact with the organization, says Kristin Baird. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Lynne Cunningham, a coach with the healthcare performance improvement firm the Studer Group, discusses some of the ways that marketers can measure return on investment, even in the face of challenges. [Listen Now]
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