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Bad Press
Molly Rowe, Senior Editor-Leadership

Whenever 15 or so "Down-eastahs" converge for turkey, stuffing, and my aunt's world famous yeast rolls, the conversation is guaranteed to entertain. The loudest and most inclined to interrupt always prevails, and the annual conversation topics are easy to predict: politics, local gossip, and a bunch of bad jokes (usually at my expense). This year, a 4th topic was added to the list: Healthcare. Even in Downeast Maine, they're talking about medical errors. [Read More]
  Nov. 30, 2007

Editor's Picks
Hospital drug errors far from uncommon
Underscoring the pervasiveness of medication errors, actor Dennis Quaid's newborn twins were reportedly given 1,000 times the intended dosage of heparin, a blood thinner, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This accident mirrors an error at Clarian Health last year that killed three infants, making this latest incident a damming statement of the healthcare industry's inability to learn from even its most publicized mistakes. [Read More]
Benefits of EHRs believed to outweigh privacy risks
While physicians may be resistant to the time and financial costs of implementing electronic health records, the majority of the public is all for it, says a new Wall Street Journal/Harris Interactive Poll. Seventy-five percent of respondents believe patients could receive better care if docs were able to share patient information electronically. Experts predict EHRs will become part of the healthcare debate during the 2008 presidential campaign. [Read More]
CMS outlines value-based program
CMS outlined this week long-awaited changes to the way it reimburses hospitals, calling it another step down road toward pay-for-performance. Medicare's "value-based purchasing" program reduces hospital payments by up to 5 percent overall but give hospitals the chance to earn money back if they meet certain quality-of-care criteria. Congressional action is required to implement the proposed changes. [Read More]
The office pessimists may not be lovable, but are often right
Optimists traditionally fare better than pessimists. They live longer, stay healthier, and, in the workplace, move up the ladder faster. But new research shows that pessimists are actually more realistic and therefore better at gauging success and failure rates. Optimists tend to undercount failures and overcount successes, which can cause frustration for their subordinates. They are often so busy being positive that they avoid making critical contingency plans. Sure, pessimists bring you down, but don't ignore them completely--they may be better for your organization than you think. [Read More]
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