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Retail Practices
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

In the case of physician practices, service is just about the only way most of us can make healthcare decisions. Whether you choose to term these efforts as "creating market differentiators" or "developing a patient-centered environment" the result is a better experience for your consumers and, therefore, a better perception of your services. As they continually pay a greater share for healthcare, your patients are more often viewing themselves as consumers who can choose to do business with you or your competition.
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  June 14, 2007

Editor's Picks
Some MDs like 'micropractice' niche
This story in the Chicago Tribune shows the lengths to which some docs are willing to go to achieve work-life balance. Moitri Savard, MD, makes sure she's available to her patients without letting healthcare institutions control her life. [Read More]
Running doctors out of the ER
David Lubin, MD, warns readers of the Tampa Tribune that they might not find doctors willing to treat them in the ER. He says plaintiffs' lawsuits filed when there are bad outcomes, rather than true malpractice, will keep qualified specialists from taking "call." This is just one of the reasons physicians are resisting taking hospital call. [Read More]
Prescribing better way to inform Pennsylvania doctors
Taking a page from the pharmaceutical industry, Harvard and the state of Pennsylvania are sending reps to meet with doctors to influence their behavior. This Inquirer story shows how one rep advises physicians "to give better care and, by the way, save money." [Read More]
Handshakes, sensitivity boost doctor-patient rapport
Pressing the flesh is an easy but effective way to build a relationship with patients, according to a study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Most patients want to shake hands with their doctors, but 18 percent would rather pass on this pleasantry. [Read More]
Healthcare experts describe the benefits of primary care
The American Academy of Family Physicians posts expert comments about how primary care physicians are the backbone of the health system. But with payment policies as they are, fewer med students are pursuing primary care. [Read More]
Business Rx
Improve physician coding with an in-house audit program
From The Doctor's Office: Coaching physicians to improve coding documentation is a particularly daunting challenge for many small physician practices--and one that you can easily overcome with a formal billing compliance and internal auditing program. [Read More]
Physician News
Cancer drug representatives spelled out the way to profit
New York Times - June 14, 2007
Medical masters offer hope to world
Des Moines Register - June 14, 2007
Prevention suffers from overwhelmed physicians, patients
St. Louis Post-Dispatch - June 14, 2007
Private insurance may help in earlier cancer detection
Washington Post - June 14, 2007
Orthopedics return to University of South Florida
St. Petersburg Times - June 14, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Keep 'Em Close
HealthLeaders June 2007 The goals of the hospital and its physicians are not the same, right? Wrong. The desire for better outcomes and efficiency in healthcare is giving new life to the clinic model of integrated care. [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Six Innovations to Increase Productivity, Cut Costs and Extend Coverage: Innovation and entrepreneurship is what separates and makes the U.S. general and healthcare economies more vibrant and innovative than economies of other developed economies. But something must be done to control and rationalize U.S. health costs, says contributor Richard L. Reece, MD. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Kelby R. Krabbenhoft, president and CEO of Sanford Health in Sioux Falls , S.D., talks about the challenges of focusing resources toward forming a physician-driven culture.
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