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A Whiff of Innovation
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

Perhaps I should e-mail my family physician, because the left side of my body aches and I'm experiencing limited range of motion in my shoulder. My discomfort is the result of a wiffleball game last night that began friendly enough but quickly turned heated. I'll just take a few Advils today and see how it goes. But I could e-mail my physician if I wanted to. Through RelayHealth, my doctor provides his patients with electronic health records and secure e-mail. I find this use of technology very handy, and I'm not the only patient interested in online health management.
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  July 12, 2007

Editor's Picks
Tennessee cracks down on MD job-hopping
The Tennessean reports on a new law to keep doctors in select specialties from switching medical groups in the same area. The law also applies to physicians who sell their practices. So if you're in Tennessee and want to change medical groups, plan on setting up shop in a different county or 10 miles away--whichever is further. [Read More]
Finding good doctors
This Los Angeles Times article says patients are getting better info to choose doctors. The writer makes an interesting point that perhaps the best way to pick a physician is to ask whether the practice is computerized. [Read More]
Look out for changes to self-referral regs
David Harlow's Healthcare Law Blog offers a quick run down of revisions to the Stark rule that are included in the proposed CMS 2008 physician fee schedule. This impacts things like joint-ventures and in-office ancillary services. In other words, those things you might do to try to make money. [Read More]
Docs balk at cancer ad
Do marketers really need physicians to tell them they shouldn't over-hype the medical benefits of their products? OK, dumb question. In this instance, physicians take issue with a sunscreen maker's claims about cancer risks. [Read More]
Business Rx
Knock out medical record delinquencies
From Medical Staff Briefing: Delinquent medical records can affect patient care, lead to accreditation issues, and stall payments to hospitals. But increased communication and the threat of fines or suspensions can keep the problem in check. [Read More]
Physician News
Despite risks, needle sticks underreported
Baltimore Sun - July 12, 2007
Doctors back plan to store medical info under your skin
AP/Yahoo News - July 12, 2007
Medicare wants to cut doctors' pay
The Tennessean - July 12, 2007
Doctor fights bill that would change end-of-life care
Raleigh News & Observer - July 12, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Keep 'Em Close
HealthLeaders June 2007 The goals of the hospital and its physicians are not the same, right? Wrong. The desire for better outcomes and efficiency in healthcare is giving new life to the clinic model of integrated care. [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Certain Risk, Uncertain Reward: New OIG Opinion on Sales of Interests in ASCs: A recent Office of the Inspector General opinion on transactions between ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals creates more questions than it answers, says contributors Patsy Powers, David Head, and Nate Gilmer. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Jim Blazar, chief marketing officer for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Cleveland Clinic Health System, discusses marketing's growing influence within the healthcare industry.
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