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Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

With all the confusion about the actual results of electronic records, it's no wonder that 75 percent of physician practices don't have them. In fact, in the span of one week, the Washington Post reports Electronic Records Don't Always Improve Care, and then tells readers that E-Records Pay for Themselves. When I was at the MGMA conference last October, several physicians told me implementing electronic records has been a real headache. But progress is being made.
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  July 19, 2007

Editor's Picks
Preserving the doctor-patient relationship
Benjamin Brewer, MD, says that because physicians are pressured to churn out patients, the doctor-patient relationship is eroding. I've never felt that I had a relationship with my physician. Being in relatively good health, I got the feeling he was losing money by seeing me. But, this is an interesting perspective in the Wall Street Journal. (Sorry, but a subscription is required to view it.) [Read More]
NY attorney general objects to insurer's ranking of MDs
While many within the industry favor quality rankings and price transparency, this New York Times report points out how difficult those things are. The big question is: Who can do this objectively and accurately? [Read More]
EHRs aren't better than paper
A researcher who studied the use of electronic health records says EHRs were no better than paper records at improving care. Well, with any tool, you need to use it correctly. I don't think this report will be the last word. [Read More]
CMS: P4P demonstration improves care
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is trumpeting the findings of its "Medicare physician group practice" demonstration. The 10 participating physician groups improved diabetes care, CMS says, by making lab results for diabetic patients available to physicians prior to patient encounters, preparing patients in advance for foot exams, educating patients about the importance of self-care techniques and their disease, and following-up with them in between visits. [Read More]
Business Rx
Always treat EHRs as business records
From Electronic Health Records Briefing: Rapidly growing technology and the shift from paper records to EHRs raises the stakes of properly managing electronic information. Your organization must consider EHRs as business records because they not only reflect its business objectives--correctly recording information and ensuring proper patient diagnoses--but they are also of legal value because they track and evaluate a patient's care. [Read More]
Physician News
California rates cardiac surgeons' performance
San Diego Union-Tribune - July 19, 2007
Getting the patient's perspective
Boston Globe - July 19, 2007
Robot visits patients when doctor can't
AP/Yahoo News - July 19, 2007
Congress seeks gift registry for doctors
Charlotte Observer - July 19, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Challenge in Carolina
HealthLeaders July 2007 Safety-net provider. Teaching institution. Testing ground for new technology. UNC Health Care is all of these things-welcome to life as an academic medical center. [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Employee Dishonesty: A Major Headache for Healthcare Providers: Fraud and dishonesty by employees has become a huge problem for American businesses, and the healthcare industry is no exception, say contributors Larry B. Childs and Jennifer Weaver. [Read More]
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Preston Gee, senior managing director with Phase 2 Consulting, says that retail health clinics are a harbinger of what lies on the healthcare horizon.
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