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Coming Up Short
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

A few weeks ago, I told you about Chris Nussbaum, MD, who founded Synergy Medical Group. He shared his observation about the lack of physicians who are willing to enter primary care. Case in point, the Massachusetts Medical Society just released findings that show a shortage of physicians in primary care, psychiatry and six other specialties. The Medical Society says this is a critical issue for the state's community hospitals: 54 percent report shortages in internal medicine, and 43 percent report shortages in family practice.
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  July 26, 2007

Editor's Picks
Docs turn to PR firms
Some physicians are looking to PR firms to land interviews with media outlets. The exposure helps these doctors get patients, but ethicists aren't so sure about this practice. My two cents: PR reps can help you get a foot in the door with reporters, but the doctor has to deliver as an articulate knowledge expert. [Read More]
The doctor won't see you now
How long have physicians warned that they can't afford to take Medicaid patients? The Wall Street Journal reports that it's true--and does a good job of explaining why. [Read More]
Physicians stress over errors
We've heard all about how medical errors harm patients--but what about the real victims, the doctors? I joke, but this study looks at how job stress related to medical errors might make some doctors depressed and cause additional mistakes. [Read More]
Patient, innovator is remembered
Six years ago, Matt Nagle was paralyzed from the neck down. In an effort to help others who are paralyzed, he volunteered for experimental treatment. Nagle had a tiny sensor implanted in his head that picked up electrical brain signals and allowed him to move a computer cursor through the power of thought. He died Monday; researchers remember Nagle as a brave pioneer. [Read More]
Business Rx
Patients demand more data from practices, study says
From Private Practice Success: A new study by McLean, VA-based Booz Allen Hamilton, "Consumer and Physician Readiness for a Retail Healthcare Market-Changing the Basis of Competition," finds that many healthcare consumers are shopping around for products and services, and expecting competition among providers and suppliers. Physicians, however, do not see themselves as the appropriate sources for such data. [Read More]
Physician News
Businesses invest in home physician visits
Dallas Morning News - July 26, 2007
Shortage of doctors affects rural United States
AP/Yahoo News - July 26, 2007
Report: Increased use of IT helps improve quality
East Bay Business Times - July 26, 2007
Study: Practice key for prostate surgery
AP/Yahoo News - July 26, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Challenge in Carolina
HealthLeaders July 2007 Safety-net provider. Teaching institution. Testing ground for new technology. UNC Health Care is all of these things-welcome to life as an academic medical center. [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

The Retail Clinic Revolution, and Why Physicians (and Hospitals) Should Take Notice: Rather than trying to regulate retail clinics, hospitals and physicians should take some lessons from them, says contributor Anthony Cirillo. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Preston Gee, senior managing director with Phase 2 Consulting, says that retail health clinics are a harbinger of what lies on the healthcare horizon.
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