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Phased and Confused
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

With all the rules and regulations that can have a direct impact on a physician's bottom-line, it's no wonder that many doctors are opting out of the hassles of ownership and choosing hospital employment. Although the government has a duty to regulate, it must be challenging to run a business in which today's acceptable practices could be ruled illegal tomorrow. Just this week, Medicare released Stark II Phase III. As you are probably aware, the Stark rule deals with physician self-referrals. [Read More]
  August 30, 2007

Editor's Picks
Unlocking doctor data
A federal judge ruled in favor of a consumer group that sued HHS to get at specific doctor data from the Medicare claims database, according to the Los Angeles Times. This development is worth keeping an eye on, as more and more corporate and consumer groups seek access to provider data on quality and costs. [Read More]
Physician compensation falls behind inflation
Not exactly a newsflash, but if you're a physician, you're probably working harder and faster for less. The MGMA released a survey report this week that says physician compensation of 60 percent of polled specialties failed to keep up with inflation in 2006. Inflation was a meager 3.2 percent increase. [Read More]
NC law improves access of malpractice records
North Carolina's legislature passed a law requiring the NC Medical Board to make more malpractice info public. According to the Charlotte Observer, the new law requires the board to publish "felony convictions, hospital sanctions, malpractice payments and discipline by other state medical boards." Looks like another win for transparency advocates. [Read More]
Abbreviations kill
This Washington Post article points to a new study that found 5 percent of reported medication errors involved shorthand. U, QD, and QOD are a few of the more commonly used medical abbreviations that are mistaken. I once had the idea that if I face chronic illness in my old age I might have "DNR"--for Do Not Resuscitate--tattooed on my chest. But how would emergency care providers know that isn't my wife's initials? [Read More]
Business Rx
Bring your bylaws up to date: How to avoid conflicts and legal quagmires
From Medical Staff Briefing: If your medical staff bylaws are out of date or just plain insufficient, they can lead to conflict between the staff members and hospital, and cause legal struggles and bureaucratic quagmires. However, well-written medical staff bylaws can be an indispensable asset to your facility. [Read More]
Physician News
Survey finds physicians dismiss complaints about side effects
Washington Post - August 30, 2007
AMA touts plans for uninsured Americans
AP/Yahoo News - August 30, 2007
Florida case could test changes in medical malpractice law
South Florida Sun-Sentinel - August 30, 2007
Illinois doctors fevered over Medicaid HMO proposal
Chicago Tribune - August 30, 2007
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What All Great Hospitals Do
HealthLeaders August 2007 Think you're headed for the top floor? Are you sure? [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Do Hospitalists Improve Patient Outcomes? Contributor Chris Nussbaum, MD, describes the impact of hospitalists on the industry. He points out the specialty's rapid rise and predicts its future influence. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Mark Murray, MD, a national healthcare consultant, explains how implementing service agreement contracts can help physician practices become more efficient when referring patients to another physician. He will be a panelist on the upcoming HealthLeaders Media audioconference, Streamlining the Referral Process: Use service agreements to increase practice revenue.

John McHugh, associate director, Navigant Consulting, discusses the keys to physician alignment in the cardiovascular service line. He will be a panelist on the upcoming HealthLeaders Media webcast, Service Line Strategies Workshop: Cardiovascular.
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