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I'm Going To Sue You
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

I bet that headline grabbed your attention. Just think how much less stressful life would be if you could discern your patients' true intentions. After all, if you knew a patient was prone to sue, you could take early action to protect your interests. Certainly, the majority of your patients come to you for reasons that are medical and not litigious. Healthcare attorney James W. Saxton agrees. "About 15 percent of your patients create about 85 percent of your risk," he says. "But that 15 percent can be a tough bunch." So how do you recognize when someone is among the risky 15 percent? [Read More]
  September 13, 2007

Editor's Picks
And in this corner, health insurers. . .
This story in The Tennessean points out the newest conflict between insurers and physicians: the so-called quality rankings by the health insurers. State medical societies aren't taking these rankings at face value and in some cases have made insurers back away from their strategies of funneling patients to preferred providers. [Read More]
Docs criticize retail clinics
In my backyard, the Massachusetts Medical Society is taking a stand against pharmacy-based retail clinics. The CVS pharmacy chain would like to open clinics in the state in 2008. As physician groups lobby against retail clinics, Benjamin Brewer, MD, points to some of the benefits of retail clinics in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required to view article). [Read More]
Senators to make payments to physicians public
Sen. Charles Grassley and others are trying to create a law that would require drug makers and medical device companies to report payments and gifts to physicians. I don't know how lobbyists for these groups can suggest that this is a bad idea, but they are trying. [Read More]
Googling for a diagnosis
I find Web search technology to be both handy and interesting. Innovative IT companies are putting more and more information at our fingertips, and this USA Today story shows how some doctors are using these tools to better diagnose patients. [Read More]
Business Rx
Prevent merger mishaps with careful planning
From Private Practice Success: So you've decided to enter into a merger. Congratulations, you've completed tireless hours of feasibility analysis and chosen your partners with the utmost care. But your work is far from over. [Read More]
Physician News
Texas medical center uses house calls to keep ER numbers down Dallas Morning News - September 13, 2007
Hospitalists taking over role played by primary-care physicians
Washington Post - September 13, 2007
Medical office rents a headache for Southern California doctors
Los Angeles Times - September 13, 2007
Contract talks between doctors, insurers increasingly heated
The Tennessean - September 13, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
EMR Pushback
HealthLeaders September 2007 Electronic medical record systems promise a long list of benefits, but most physician practices remain unconvinced. Can clinical IT proponents entice physicians to retire their paper charts for good? [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

Learn when to bill for the professional or technical component: Knowing when to bill globally and when to segment a code into the professional component or the technical component is crucial in order to properly bill all of the services rendered, says contributor Ruth Dolby. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Anthony Cirillo, president of Fast Forward Strategic Planning and Marketing Consulting, LLC in Huntersville, NC, explains how a strong Web presence can improve a hospital's market share.

Mark Murray, MD, a national healthcare consultant, explains how implementing service agreement contracts can help physician practices become more efficient when referring patients to another physician. He will be a panelist on the upcoming HealthLeaders Media audioconference, Streamlining the Referral Process: Use service agreements to increase practice revenue.
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