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Alignment Assessment
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

Independent practice. Joint ventures/clinical co-management. Full employment. Hospitals and health systems are opening up a number of options to align with physicians. All of this can leave a busy physician to wonder: "Which is the right type of business relationship for me?" Partnerships can create significant windfalls, not just for your business but also for your patients. At a high level, it comes down to reviewing the pros and cons of each business model, notes John McHugh, a Washington, DC-based Navigant consultant. [Read More]
  September 20, 2007

Editor's Picks
UK hospitals dress down docs
British hospitals are attempting to stop hospital-borne infections by banning neckties, longs sleeves and even the traditional white coat. Some ideas are so obvious and simple that you wonder why they took so long to come about. [Read More]
Insurers push back on uses for new medicines
Don't get me wrong. I see the business ramifications of healthcare decisions, but stories like this one from the Wall Street Journal concern me. Insurers say they need to set limits for using the most expensive drugs, but the doctors who prescribe them see care being denied to their patients. (Subscription is required to view full article.) [Read More]
CMS proposes new ASC conditions
If you work in an ambulatory surgical center, you're going to need to review your policies in light of proposed "Medicare Conditions for Coverage" from CMS. Healthcare attorney Michelle Marsh provides a detailed yet pithy overview of the proposed rule on the Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis site. [Read More]
What is a physician leader?
A medical staff leader's duties--including dealing with unexpected challenges that land at his or her feet every day--are more complicated than ever. The difficulty and complexity of the challenges physicians face in their leadership roles can be overwhelming, says Richard Sheff, MD, chair and executive director of The Greeley Company, a division of HCPro, Inc. The Greeley Medical Staff Institute has recently defined the minimum core knowledge and skills physicians need to fulfill their medical staff leadership responsibilities effectively. You can find out more about Greeley's new medical staff certification online.
Business Rx
Transparency: It's about the customers
From Healthcare Strategic Management: Few days go by without another news report about one of the 50 states requiring its hospitals to post quality, cost, or patient satisfaction data online. Hospital executives are busily working to figure out a way to provide patients with the data they're demanding to make healthcare decisions. And fueled by the rise in consumer-directed health plans, the transparency movement is one that's here to stay. [Read More]
Physician News
Internet little help on hospital data
AP/Yahoo News - September 20, 2007
County executive: Physicians could run Maryland hospital system Washington Post - September 20, 2007
A break for Connecticut's doctors
Hartford Courant - September 20, 2007
After break, shot can cut risk of more hip fractures
USA Today - September 20, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
EMR Pushback
HealthLeaders September 2007 Electronic medical record systems promise a long list of benefits, but most physician practices remain unconvinced. Can clinical IT proponents entice physicians to retire their paper charts for good? [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

What 'They' Are Not Telling You About Non-Compete Agreements: Non-compete agreements can be important tools for protecting and safeguarding your business, but you need to have reasonable expectations of what they can and cannot do for your company, says contributor Paul O. Lopez. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Mark Murray, MD, a national healthcare consultant, explains how implementing service agreement contracts can help physician practices become more efficient when referring patients to another physician. He will be a panelist on the upcoming HealthLeaders Media audioconference, Streamlining the Referral Process: Use service agreements to increase practice revenue.
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