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Ties That Bind
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

Healthcare CEOs are sure spending a lot of time and energy on physician relations. That's the word from industry insiders at last week's Top Leadership Teams in Healthcare Conference. The topic of hospital-physician alignment permeated the conference's panel discussions. From the perspective of hospital leaders, three of the top physician-relations issues of the day included emergency call coverage, physician employment, and EMR technology. Although these concerns are intertwined, I'll take up each separately in PhysicianLeaders, starting today with ED call coverage. [Read More]
  October 18, 2007

Editor's Picks
Docs on the payroll
This story from the Orlando Sentinel does a good job of showing some of the reasons why physicians are choosing hospital employment over independent practice. Many of the reasons are about lifestyle choices rather than financial incentives. [Read More]
Minnesota takes hard stand against gifts
Put the bagel down and walk away. Minnesota officials won't allow drug reps to offer doctors more than $50 worth of food or other gifts per year. And this article in the New York Times says other states could follow the North Star State's lead. It's easy to say that gifts won't influence medical decisions, but why allow there to be any doubt? [Read More]
Children not getting care
Researchers say kids in the US aren't getting needed care. In fact, they found that children in the study received just 40.7 percent of the indicated preventive care. And despite other research that shows more and more of middle America goes uninsured, Congress cannot override the president's recent veto of a bill to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program. [Read More]
Demand for primary care grows
The American Academy of Family Physicians provides some analysis of the recent Merritt Hawkins survey, which says that the most requested physician searches last year were for family medicine, general internal medicine, and hospitalists. If you've read this month's cover story in HealthLeaders magazine, you'd agree that this is probably the tip of the iceberg. [Read More]
Pfizer to join Sermo
Regular contributor Richard Reece, MD, has an article in today's PhysicianLeaders that highlights a conversation with the founder of Sermo. Daniel Palestrant, MD, has an interesting take on the industry, and his physician social-networking site appears to have a lot of appeal. I was somewhat surprised to read this AP story about how Pfizer and Sermo have struck a deal that allows the giant pharmaceutical company's staff of doctors to view postings and reply. [Read More]
Business Rx
Avoid malpractice suits by making patients partners
From Private Practice Success: It is more important than ever to make patients partners in their own care and accountable for their own health decisions. Physicians should send patients a message that says they as doctors have certain responsibilities and obligations to that patient that they must live up to. However, so do the patients. [Read More]
Physician News
U.S. medical schools, drug makers share strong ties
HealthDay/Yahoo News - October 18, 2007
Study: Statin helps prevent heart attack
AP/Yahoo News - October 18, 2007
NH doctors getting greater access to e-prescribing programs
Boston Globe - October 18, 2007
Doctor eschews insurance, launches concierge practice in PA
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - October 18, 2007
Online site stores medical content for doctors
The Tennessean - October 18, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Will There Be Enough Doctors?
HealthLeaders October 2007 With a multitude of baby boom physicians nearing retirement and an aging U.S. population needing ever more care, how bad will the physician shortage really get-and what can you do about it? [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

A Conversation With the Founder of Sermo: Contributor Richard L. Reece, MD, discusses his conversation with Sermo founder Daniel Palestrant, MD. Sermo is an online community for physicians where they can post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors' opinions. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Jim Saxton, Esq., shareholder with Stevens & Lee and author of The Satisfied Patient., discusses the link between patient satisfaction and malpractice lawsuits, and offers tips for improving customer service in the practice.
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