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On the Road
Rick Johnson, Senior Editor

The annual MGMA conference is next week, so I'm getting ready to hit the road to Philadelphia. This is the big medical group conference for the year, and I see it as a great opportunity to get out of my cluttered office and meet the people who are in the business of running medical practices. I've been to several MGMA conferences in the past, and the association's staff puts together a good event, with lots of opportunities to learn and network. [Read More]
  October 25, 2007

Editor's Picks
A virtual doctor
This Washington Post story details the business plan behind a solo-physician cash-based practice with a heavy emphasis on electronic communications and preventive care. Certainly this is not how most doctors want to practice medicine, but I find newer models interesting nonetheless. One thing I noticed is that this physician says he restricts his practice on patients under 40 years old. What's he do with patients when they turn 41? [Read More]
Has it really come to this?
It's commonplace now for hospitals and medical groups to turn to consultants to help with some of the most challenging aspects of the business of healthcare. But have things become so confusing that patients themselves need to hire consultants-or healthcare advocates, as they like to be called? Sorry for my sarcasm, but like many patients I like to believe my physician is also my advocate. [Read More]
Prepaid medicine
In an attempt to keep his practice afloat, the doctor featured in this Wall Street Journal article is creating prepaid plans for his patients. For a relatively low monthly fee, patients get a significant level of service--but I still have my doubts about how many people are willing to pay out of pocket and in advance for care. [Read More]
Zagat ratings for doctors
So now a big insurer is partnering with Zagat Survey--which is popular for publishing pocket-sized restaurant ratings--to let patients rate their doctors. According to this USA Today article, the online program will be available to more than a million members by March '08. Sure, other sites and companies are trying to get patients to rate doctors, but one of these companies will figure it out--and make it easily available to everyone. [Read More]
Business Rx
What physicians need to know before returning to work
From Medical Staff Briefing: Experts say dealing with physician burnout is not just a matter of taking time off. Rather, it is about confronting the issue, making tough decisions, and dealing with the problems that cause burnout in the first place. [Read More]
Physician News
Doctors support Amgen and J&J
Los Angeles Times - October 25, 2007
Medicare is unlikely to restrict coverage of drug-coated stents
Wall Street Journal (subscription required) - October 25, 2007
Tests of heart devices to get review
New York Times - October 25, 2007
Risk to patient safety threatens accreditation at DC hospital
Washington Post - October 25, 2007
From HealthLeaders Magazine
Will There Be Enough Doctors?
HealthLeaders October 2007 With a multitude of baby boom physicians nearing retirement and an aging U.S. population needing ever more care, how bad will the physician shortage really get-and what can you do about it? [Read More]
PhysicianLeaders Forum

A Conversation With the Founder of Sermo: Contributor Richard L. Reece, MD, discusses his conversation with Sermo founder Daniel Palestrant, MD. Sermo is an online community for physicians where they can post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors' opinions. [Read More]
Audio Feature

Paul English Smith, vice president and general counsel for Cabell Huntington Hospital and president of the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, discusses how effective physician practice documentation, can reduce the risk of a malpractice lawsuit.
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