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November 14, 2007
For That Last Minute Shopper
Brad Cain, Senior Editor-Managed Care

With the holiday season nearly upon us, Pennsylvania insurer Highmark Inc. is rolling out something that could help all you last minute shoppers. No, it's not a new Medicare-approved health plan for grandma (although they have several) or a shiny new Health Savings Account-compatible policy for Uncle Jimmy (yes, they have those too). But it is something that could fit anyone in the family, a good friend or even a co-worker. The insurer has joined the ranks of nearly every other retailer in the country by offering their own brand of gift cards. [Read More]

Editor's Picks
California health insurer tied bonuses to dropping sick
Health Net Inc., one of California's largest health insurers, set goals and paid bonuses based in part on how many individual policyholders were dropped and how much money was saved, according to newly-disclosed documents. [Read More]
Are Political Winds Favoring Real Healthcare Reform?
Fifteen years ago, most companies received Hillary Clinton's health plan coldly, and it died a quick death. While universal healthcare has always been a liberal cause, some of its erstwhile enemies are beginning to change their attitudes toward any system that removes the burden of paying for their employees' and retirees' healthcare. [Read More]
A model for healthcare that pays for quality
Some large employers and health insurers are seeking new ways to pay doctors to reward high-quality medical care. The National Committee for Quality Assurance is now proposing an initiative to help employers and insurers to identify the best primary care doctors and to steer patients to these doctors. [ Read More]
Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at HCPro, Happy Thanksgiving. Health Plan Insider will take next week off, but will return with a new issue November 28.
Managed Care Headlines
Wisconsin moves on health insurance for children
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, November 14, 2007
Massachusetts healthcare initiative reaches out
Boston Globe, November 14, 2007
Insurer, Pennsylvania hospital reach contract with P4P element
Philadelphia Business Journal, November 14, 2007
Oregon to vote on children's healthcare
AP/Yahoo News, November 14, 2007
Elderly health costs growing slowly
AP/Yahoo News, November 14, 2007
Health reform negotiations moving forward in California
San Francisco Chronicle, November 14, 2007
Upcoming Events
Developments in DM

Informed consumers: Care coordination is one of the most discussed issues in healthcare, with everyone from providers to accrediting organizations jumping on the bandwagon. But throughout the entire continuum of care, there's only one constant: the patient. So care coordination shares some of CDH's goal to educate and empower consumers to be full participants in their health management. [Read More]
Listen Up
Give and Take
HCPro recently published a book titled Top Managed Care Contracting Clauses, which was edited by Robin Fisk, an attorney with 19 years of experience in the healthcare field. In this podcast, Fisk offers tips as to how providers can ensure prompt payment through contracts and tells listeners why the definitions section is possibly the most important part of any contract. [Listen Now]
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