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You Can Lead Patients to Quality Data, But Will They Use It?
Janice Simmons, Senior Editor
When a patient decides to find a new physician or select a hospital for a surgical procedure, is he or she more likely to use government health quality data or data supplied by the health plan or employer? The answer might be neither. [Read More]
August 6, 2009
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Consistent Measures of Quality, Cost Needed to Support Reform
Current healthcare reform efforts under consideration in Congress have at least one thing in common, according to Mark McClellan, MD, director of the Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. "We can't do any of them without reliable, meaningful, and consistent measures of quality being available," McClellan said recently at a "Getting to a High-Value Health System" meeting in Washington. That means now is the time to "get systems in place to support better decisions for patients by their clinicians involved in their care, and by everyone who is working at the personal level to improve care," he says. [Read More]

Don't Get Tagged for Infection Control Deficiencies in the MRI
MRI technology has recently garnered the interest, particularly after the ECRI Institute ranked ultrahigh-field-strength MRIs second on its list of hot technologies for 2009. HealthLeaders Media first reported on the more powerful MRIs that produce higher quality images in July and although this new technology can greatly improve efficiency and quality, MRI technology old and new poses significant safety risks that often impede infection control best practices, writes my colleague Evan Sweeney. [Read More]

EDs Can't Sustain Care in Current Economic Environment
A recent federal report casts more concern that hospital emergency rooms are having increasing difficulty treating everyone, especially because federal payments and the uninsured don't pay their full cost of care. "There is a growing concern that EDs will not be able to sustain care for all persons in the current economic environment," according to the report published by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. [Read More]

Bariatric Study Raises Larger Issues of Healthcare Costs, Quality, and Consumerism
The author of a new HealthGrades study of bariatric surgery says the wild disparity in cost and quality for the procedures provide a good example of the "twisted market" that often drives elective medicine. The HealthGrades study of 153,355 bariatric surgeries in 19 states found that, even though the majority of bariatric surgeries are elective, there is little evidence that consumers are demanding a better product at a lower price. The disregard for price may account for the eye-popping disparities in cost and outcomes, writes my colleague John Commins. [Read More]
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