HealthLeaders Media Community and Rural Hospital Weekly - July 29, 2009
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Obesity In A Rural Setting
Cheryl Clark, Editor, Community Hospitals
The plethora of recent studies pointing to the high cost of carrying excess body fat prompted this question: Could Americans start saving money if thousands of much-too-hefty nurses, doctors, and other health providers across the country led a national initiative to lose weight themselves? [Read More]
July 29, 2009
Editor's Picks

The Joint Commission's Critical Access Hospital Program Receives CMS Deeming Authority
Hospitals with no more than 25 beds that keep patients on average no more than 96 hours and are 35 miles away from other hospitals can be "deemed" to accept reimbursement payments from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS ruled that the commission's accreditation criteria met or exceeded those of CMS. Hospitals now have the option of seeking joint commission accreditation. [Read More]

From the AHA Summit: Tom Peters' 14 Steps to Prevent the Awful Hospital Experience
My colleague Jim Molpus attended the American Hospital Association's leadership summit in San Francisco last week, and relayed one hospital management guru's 14 tips for getting your hospital on track. The guru, Tom Peters, talked about success stories at hospitals that have overcome obstacles while under the same cost and regulatory constraints as their competitors. [Read More]

Feds Find Many Docs Are Using Ultrasounds Too Often, Possibly Fraudulently
A report from the Office of Inspector General found that physicians in 20 counties in the U.S. are overutilizing ultrasound testing. The investigation found a number of clues that physicians, perhaps those who purchased equipment for as little as $5,000, may be guilty of fraud. The report recommends that if the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services conducts an inquiry, those found guilty should have their billing numbers revoked. [Read More]

Half of ED Nurses Report Assaults at Work
Do your nurses feel safe? This alarming report reveals a worrisome threat to workers in emergency rooms. Male nurses and those working at night said they experienced more physical abuse and violence. Anger about long waits and alcohol were behind the attacks. [Read More]
Leaders Forum

Medicare Advantage Cuts Wrong Prescription for Improving Healthcare Efficiency
In its diagnosis of what ails the U.S. healthcare system, the Obama administration is at great risk of making a costly mistake by proposing cuts in a program that successfully addresses a core problem—the lack of coordinated care, say HealthLeaders Media contributors Robert Margolis, MD, and Craig Frances, MD. [Read More]
This Week's Headlines

Replicating Cleveland Clinic's success poses major challenges
Wall Street Journal ? July 24, 2009
Senators close to health accord
Washington Post ? July 29, 2009
Obama defends proposed health office
New York Times ? July 27, 2009
Health co-ops pushed as an alternative to federal insurance
Los Angeles Times ? July 29, 2009

Webcasts/Audio Conferences

Advanced Service Line Marketing: New Orthopedics Growth Strategies (Live)
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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Time For 'Dr. Next'?
Generation X and its life-balancing, tech-oriented, team-playing doctors is taking over. But what kind of healthcare will they give us? [Read More]
Service Line Management
Prepare for the Cancer Boom
With cancer diagnoses set to climb dramatically in the coming decades, aligning the right cancer care team and utilizing the appropriate technology become essential for maintaining a patient-centered service line. [Read More]
Community Call
Discussion Board
What can rural healthcare providers do to reduce obesity in their communities?
Audio Feature
Prioritizing Capital Projects: This audio feature offers a discussion between Finance Editor Michelle Ponte and Sandra Lawrence, CFO for Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO. She talks about capital projects, the No. 3 priority cited by chief financial officers in the HealthLeaders Media Industry Survey 2009. [Listen Now]
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