Healthcare Leaders Reveal Uncertainties About Industry Direction

HealthLeaders Media Staff , February 15, 2011
Key insights include:
  • 64% of healthcare leaders say the increase of insured patients will have a positive or strongly positive impact on their organization
  • 73% of healthcare leaders will expand outpatient services to fuel financial growth over the next five years
  • 49% of finance leaders have a positive or strongly positive financial forecast for 2011
  • 60% of technology leaders will spend substantially increased sums on clinical IT in the next five years
  • 40% of physician leaders say fear of lawsuits is a major influence regarding decisions to order tests or procedures
  • 78% of nurse leaders say physician-nurse relations have improved over the past three years
  • 43% of quality leaders have a positive or very positive assessment of the Patient Protection Act
  • 68% of marketing leaders describe patient experience at their organization as strong or very strong
  • 24% of health plan leaders say the healthcare industry is on the right track
  • 29% of rural leaders (vs. 2% of non-rural) say the nurse supply will have a strongly negative impact
  • 28% of service line leaders expect growth of 6% or more in the geriatric service line

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1 comments on "Healthcare Leaders Reveal Uncertainties About Industry Direction"

Francis A. Toto (2/15/2011 at 6:07 PM)
Here's the exclusive resource that brings the real story about what is about to happen. It will eliminate any confusion about the course of the industry. The Most Recently Documented Events In The American Healthcare Establishment Invalidate The Entire Healthcare Reform Movement Regardless Of The Political Sponsorship, Regardless Of The Philosophical Underpinnings, And Regardless Of The Ethical, Moral, And Democratic Imperatives. Above all, the American people now face yet another man-made national disaster about which they are not duly informed, and for which they are not adequately prepared. The bad news is very bad. The mammoth healthcare establishment has started to collapse based on the latest data from the gold-standard National Health Expenditures Survey (latest data is 2009). Because this claim is based on a mathematical law it is not a prediction; predictions contain uncertainty. Like all of the claims made here, this claim is an easily demonstrated, scientific fact. The term "collapse" used here is not used metaphorically. Industries collapse when certain conditions are met. The conditions have been met and this fact is also easily demonstrated. There is widespread consensus that American healthcare is "failing." The esteemed Institute of Medicine in 2001officially decreed that the industry was indeed "failing." As part of the National Academies of Science, this prestigious group is chartered to advise the US Congress about the state of affairs in the healthcare industry. Although their efforts are certainly well intentioned, unfortunately this august group made a fatal mis-diagnosis. They failed to mentioned that there are four modes by which an industry fails: erosion, dissolution, contraction, and collapse. Industries collapse when certain conditions are met; the conditions have been met and are convincingly demonstrated. Since 1993, there have been numerous official warnings detailing the early, classic signs of an industry in the collapse mode of its evolution. Yet, these legitimate warnings were totally ignored. Historically, one of the cardinal signs of industries that collapse is high rates of sudden, apoplectic business failures; 82-95% of firms suddenly fail–a phenomenon described as big "shakeouts." Mass exits (the Exodus), heavy losses, and great upheaval also mark industries that grind through the collapse mode of their evolutionary life cycles. The major components of the industry are the mammoth US Hospital Services Industry, posting revenues of $759 billion, the mainspring US Physician Services Industry, posting revenues of $506 billion, and the perennially successful US Dental Services Industry, posting annual revenues of $102 billion. The very fact that American dentistry has not been included in the "reform" debate is telling: it demonstrates an astonishing misdiagnosis of what are the real, fundamental phenomena that have been driving the chronic, 40-year failure of American healthcare. Because proponents of the healthcare reform movement did not produce a formal scientific explanation, they neglected to provide an accurate, veridical, verisimilar, scientifically legitimate portrayal of the real, fundamental, factual problem "space." This shortcoming–the proverbial "little neglect"–resulted in profound, fatal complications: it got everyone espousing reform "barking up the wrong tree." The natural evolution of the US Dental Services Industry has preceded the evolution of the two other keystone industries by a few years. The recent second "killer" crash in the dental industry was truly astonishing. It was equivalent in its implosive force to forty-three 1929 stock market crashes. Even more astonishing is the fact that this mega crash of about 500% occurred in a single year! This milestone event has irreversibly changed this industry as never before, yet most incumbents are totally unaware of this predicament. Time is running out to make the right moves, to make the "breakout" and successfully manage the paradigm shift. This once robust industry, virtually doubling its size for three decades and growing about 35 times faster than the population, suffered what was arguably the worst crash in an industry growth rate in American economic history. Based on the latest data, American dentistry plunged below its historic catastrophic threshold and started to contract–a negative rate of growth. The graphic representation of this astonishing event is stunning and makes even the most hard-boiled skeptic a true believer. Given the hard evidence, the exemplar of the dental profession worldwide, American dentistry has plunged into the decline-death stage of its natural life cycle and into the dreaded, irreversible Nemesis Vortex. The powerful, implosive forces of evolution are driven by the same phenomenon that drive avalanches, wildfires, and stock market crashes. Once these events trigger, they do not stop–and like a wildfire they wipe out everything in their path and quietly stop, leaving a wake of death and destruction. If the lessons of history hold fast, the nascent collapse of these industries–they are now "teetering"–will send tsunami-like shockwaves throughout out the entire US economy and cause millions of supplier and provider organizations to suddenly and violently fail. It's tragic, yet the direct result of classic evolutionary phenomena that have been grossly mismanaged for four decades. Even worse, because this emerging predicament has been ignored and because public attention has been diverted away from the real problem, far too many American people will be forced into harm's way. The most vulnerable people are the children, the elderly, and the "very sick" who are the 10% of the American people who consume about 70% of all services. The American people are being driven to the dread risk without their knowledge. It's an involuntary risk. Surprisingly, the US Healthcare Industry will suddenly collapse because of the exact same (mathematically homologous) phenomena that caused the recent failure of the US Housing Industry which caused the world-wide financial debacle, reported to be the worst since the Great Depression. The graphic proof of this claim is compelling. The American people face yet another man-made national disaster that should not have happened in the first place! Visit these sites to get the real story behind the next "doomsday" machine: and The spectacular events of 2009 profoundly, incontrovertibly, unarguably invalidate all of the purported "reform" measures regardless of the political sponsorship, regardless of their philosophical underpinnings, and regardless of any other possible imperatives. Reform is a great idea coming at the worst possible time. In the first place, it hardly makes sense to be bringing more people into a system that's widely acknowledged to be failing. In the second place, it hardly makes sense to be bringing more people into a system that is now facing a sudden, violent collapse, where historically 82-95% of firms fail dramatically in big "shakeouts." Such organizations become increasingly error-prone, accident-prone, failure-prone, regressive, even perverted. Widespread organizational decline prevails; most organizations are already in 5th stage decline–out of five. This situation is inherently dangerous. Having accurate scientific and historical knowledge of this classic, textbook, historical event, yet wantonly disregarding its grave significance, will constitute criminal negligence. Keep in mind, the healthcare industry already has a specious history of committing "crimes of obedience" that produced the infamous "HMO horror stories" during the managed care debacle. The hard scientific evidence says it is time to bring to the American people and their elected representatives the real story behind the chronic failure and now imminent collapse of a once-mighty American institution that's fallen to its knees awaiting its coup d'├ętat. It's a bitter pill. The real story about American healthcare reveals the tragic ruin of an American mega-trillion dollar investment in the 20th century alone. Above all, the emergent collapse of the industry is driving the nation's most vulnerable people–the children, the elderly, and the very sick–into harm's way. The "very sick" are the 10% of the people who consume about 70% of the services. Because of their heavy usage of healthcare, they certainly face an astonishing, involuntary dread risk. Francis A. Toto San Diego, California Director, The Right Moves Project. This exclusive effort was established in 1982 and has been the foremost credible source of industry intelligence, advisement, and timing. This project is one of seven in a private, 27-year R&D effort that is today the definitive authority on the healthcare crisis for 28 reasons.




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