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July 31, 2014
Obamacare dividends pile up for hospitals as patients pay
Hospitals Likely to Outsource ICD-10 at Launch
Senators Hear How Two-Midnight Rule Harms Patients, Hospitals
House approves bill overhauling VA healthcare
Poor planning and oversight led to flaws, GAO finds
Panel approves bill letting people keep old health insurance plans
5 reasons we can't predict the future of health costs
Humana shares fall as US health insurer cost worries grow
CA makes significant progress in enrolling previously uninsured, survey finds
July 30, 2014
Premium Subsidy Fight Creating Uncertainty for Hospitals, Health Plans
IOM Identifies GME Problems, Calls for Finance Changes
Appeals court rejects constitutional challenge to Obamacare
Almost no one wants the Obamacare employer mandate now: Here's why
A health trade-off that's here to stay: Lower cost, limited choice
Oregon looks at regulating insurer doctor networks
Health insurers' top lobbyist on Obamacare's next challenges
July 29, 2014
Deal allots $17 billion for overhaul of VA healthcare system
Medicare Advantage Carriers See 'No Choice' But to Accept Cuts
Medicare's hospital trust fund appears flush until 2030
Assurant Health to pay $30.8M in Obamacare rebates — most in nation
Health Policy Commission says discharge trends driving MA healthcare spending
Medical identity theft can threaten health
Some FL doctors are refusing to accept Obamacare
July 28, 2014
After 6 weeks, finally a deal on VA healthcare
CA Fines 8 Hospitals for Medical Errors
As Medicare Advantage Cuts Loom, Disagreement Over Program's Stability
Costs of expanded audits aimed at Medicare fraud hit healthcare firms
High prices raise questions about hospitals' charity status
Obamacare architect provides fodder for court challenges
July 25, 2014
Roundtable: To Arrest HAIs, Culture Trumps Campaigns
Obamacare loophole has insurers worried customers will skip December premium
Feds cap maximum fine this year for not buying health insurance
Jurors find TX hospital chain owner guilty on all 15 counts
Invoking anti-fraud law, LA doctor gets rich
Health insurance: Clear as mud
July 24, 2014
Drug Pricing 'Tantamount to Greed,' Lawmaker Says
Two Americas on healthcare, and danger of further division
Gilead cures 9,000 Hep C patients, collects $5.7 billion
Massive influx of Medicaid enrollees strains Oregon, exacerbates doctor shortage
Uncompensated costs, regulations hurting rural KY hospitals
Why do other rich nations spend so much less on healthcare?
July 23, 2014
Study Puts Spotlight on Preventing Fall-Related Injuries
Rulings on health law are far from last word
Undercover probe finds health law failings
Medicare testing payment options that could end observation care penalties
Halifax Health settles last part of whistle-blower lawsuit for $5.5M
UNC hospitals face Medicare penalties
July 22, 2014
Contradictory Obamacare Rulings Issued by Appellate Courts
CVS Ramps Up Retail Clinics with Provider Affiliations
Opinion: Will hospitals' higher facility fees survive health reform?
Hospital chain owner's trial expected to include billing audit
July 21, 2014
AL Hospitals Taking Hit
Hospitals see troubles in red states that snubbed Obamacare's Medicaid deal
50 years of health spending in one animated chart
July 18, 2014
Hospitals Seeking to Understand PPACA Impact Turn to Data
Insurers in US territories get Obamacare exemptions
Pressure builds on Obama for decision on employer mandate
US is last in global healthcare rankings
Are hospitals responding to a health reform that hasn't happened yet?
Opinion: Don't rule out anything on Medicare
What if healthcare spending doesn't destroy America?
July 17, 2014
CareFirst Announces PCMH Program Results
Chronic Disease Care Costs Get Bipartisan Attention
New challenge for Obamacare: Enrollees don't understand their insurance plans
State health insurance exchanges limp toward relaunch
Insurer that fixed Obamacare benefits from business boom
Specialty care is a challenge in some ACA plans
LSU hospital privatization deals cost less than expected
The case for concierge medicine
July 16, 2014
HCA boosts guidance as hospital chain's profit beats estimates
CHI Launches Prominence Health Subsidiary
OPPS Proposal Calls for Colonoscopy Complication Reporting
Budget office lowers its estimate on federal spending for healthcare
Hospitals face major government crackdown for injuring patients
The Obamacare surge? No sign of pent-up doctor demand yet
TX sees increased Medicaid signups
CT coding issues not expected to affect Maryland health exchange
July 15, 2014
Docs, Specialists ID Proposed Payment Fee Concerns
Narrow Provider Networks Set to Spread
The doctor will click on you now, but can she feel your pain in an e-Visit?
IBC touts positve results from ACO payment model
Opinion: Why improving access to healthcare does not save money
July 14, 2014
MSSP Program May Add New Quality Measures
Hospitals continue to shut down in rural America
AZ unpaid hospital bills drop after Medicaid expansion
July 11, 2014
Uninsured rate sinks to record low
It looks like Obamacare patients can see their doctors, after all
Will health reform bring new role, respect to primary care physicians?
Did health insurance premiums jump 50 percent because of Obamacare?
OIG report: Medicare made $1.7B in 'questionable' payments
New MA health insurance website passes key test
MI reached its health insurance enrollment goals 8 months early
VT lawmakers approve health care rules
July 10, 2014
Anthem Blue Cross faces another suit over Obamacare doctor networks
July 9, 2014
UnitedHealth: New doctor payment plan cut cancer care costs
In TN, limited patient options bring some of cheapest premiums
July 8, 2014
2015 OPPS Proposed Rule Detailed
Obamacare's next threat: A September surprise
Opinion: Fixed nurse-patient ratios are needed in more than just the ICU
July 7, 2014
Providence, Swedish Health Launch Employer-Driven ACO
Emergency Surgeries Drop with Insurance Expansion in MA
Fees Lurk in Health Plans' Shift to e-Payments
Drive-thru healthcare: How McDonald's inspired an urgent care gold rush
Opinion: The risks of hospital mergers
Health Net vows to improve healthcare coverage, service
Triangle (NC) hospitals go Epic with multimillion-dollar software
Investments being made in rural healthcare in ND
Opinion: After Hobby Lobby—A single-payer healthcare solution?
Opinion: Google co-founders to healthcare—We're just not that into you
July 2, 2014
Beaumont Health Clears Key Hurdles in Latest Merger Try
2 GA Healthcare Systems Ink Partnership Deal
Inspector General reports find problems with Obamacare eligibility
OR program allows mediation for medical errors instead of suing
VA hospital claims turn-around on wait times
July 1, 2014
Infection Prevention Effort Targets Hospital Handshakes
Providers Blast CMS on Two-Midnight Rule
Washington and other states see new insurers on exchanges
UnitedHealth, an insurer switching roles, helps hospitals on Medicare billing
Many hospitals struggle to understand their own cost data
Big data helps insurer pinpoint at-risk patients
Cheaper premiums in 'copper' health plans mean higher costs to pay if you get sick
Opinion: What’s in a health economist's toolbox for controlling cost growth?