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March 31, 2014
Hospitals Take the Lead in Push for Medicaid Expansion
As HIX Enrollment Closes, Analysis Begins
Senate Doc Fix Vote Expected Monday
Healthcare spending growth hits 10-year high
Repercussions and reprieves at health insurance enrollment deadline
Obamacare: CA proving new healthcare law can work
$400,000 paycheck for new WY hospital CEO
Madison (LA) hospital faces financial crisis
UC Davis Med Center, Stockton hospital drop joint-venture plans
Healthcare misinformation mystifies Des Moines couple
March 28, 2014
Why the Medicare 'doc fix' vote caught the House by surprise
House SGR Patch Bill Puts ICD-10, Two-Midnights Rule on Hold
More than 6 million people have signed up for Obamacare
Faulty state Obamacare exchanges weigh joining
Deadline near, health signups show disparity
Hospitals chart ways to boost care, funding under ACA
Agencies see big data as cure for healthcare ills
ACOs will push hospitals beyond the EHR
Making profits and differences at hospitals
Slideshow: Cardio Services—Keeping Pace with the Pulse of Population Health
March 27, 2014
Docs to House: Oppose payment patch
Analysts say 6 million healthcare enrollees in sight
MO hospitals cut positions, new construction
The most and least healthy counties in America
Young but not so invincible in CA
Growing beyond yesterday's population health management
Mayo Clinic aims for more Pentagon funding
US extends Obamacare sign-up deadline in case of tech troubles
Insurers grow sick of Obamacare
March 26, 2014
SGR Patch Bill Proposes ICD-10 Delay; Vote Expected Thursday
CMS Confident as HIX Deadline Nears
Medicare Rules Make Offsite Organ Recovery Costly
Obama administration will allow more time to enroll in healthcare on federal marketplace
Court hearing suggests serious challenge to healthcare law
Bungling mars healthcare deadline in some states
45 states fail at posting medical prices, report says
Poll: Most uninsured didn't know about March Obamacare deadline
Double dip: Doctors paid to advise, promote drug companies that fund their research
MA hospital to close on 3 days' notice; 500 jobs lost
Consumer, labor groups slam NJ Health Department for lax hospital oversight
March 25, 2014
Duke LifePoint acquires PA hospital system
Medicaid Expansion, Payer Oversight Seen as Vital to Healthcare Reform
Organ Recovery Centers Reduce Transplant Costs 37%
Obamacare subsidies seen as illegal on state exchanges
Draft rules would help protect seniors when Medicare Advantage plans drop doctors
Opinion: The Affordable Care Act is working
FL earns 'F' for healthcare price transparency
Working group to review NH provider network rules
20 tests healthcare CIOs must juggle
Hospital mergers in CT raise concerns over patient costs
March 24, 2014
Proposed HIX Rules Would Alter PPACA
Integrating the Health System Revenue Cycle
Many people won't be enrolling by March 31 healthcare deadline, for all sorts of reasons
Obamacare website glitch erroneously tells thousands they are ineligible for coverage
Emerson Hospital: Portrait of a community hospital under pressure
Delawareans experience healthcare sticker shock
Beaumont Hospital discusses merger with Botsford Health Care, Oakwood Healthcare
Healthcare law's 'Wellness' visit might not be free
WellStar set to launch new Paulding Hospital
With health law, workers ponder the 'I quit!' option
March 21, 2014
Oncology Service Line: A Change in Focus
'Vicious Cycle' Flagged in MA Hospital Financing Disparities
Deadline days away, White House going all out to hit Obamacare target
Obamacare turns 4: Will anyone notice?
How OR wound up with the nation's worst Obamacare website
Medicare put on the brink, yet again
Opinion: State health insurance exchanges still sick
For-profit hospital regulations weighed in CT
Doctors and tech: Who serves whom?
March 20, 2014
CMS Announces HIX Changes for 2015
Doctors say Obamacare rule will stick them with unpaid bills
10 states are critical to administration's efforts to enroll 6 million in new health plans
For women, the benefits of insurance outweigh its costs
The satisfied unsubsidized: Obamacare's hidden winners
Got Obamacare, can’t find doctors
Pro athletes come out in force for Obamacare
March 19, 2014
Concerns about cancer centers under health law
Is Maryland's all-payer model a step toward European-style healthcare?
Healthcare data security: Focus on 'business associates'
Income puts Rutgers University doctors among elite
Miami-Dade commission signs off on bonus for Jackson hospital workers
MI Medical Center to pay $200,000 to settle reverse-discrimination lawsuit
Q&A: Why a complex, unjust, expensive, error-prone system might end up providing the best healthcare
Man who signed up for Obamacare now owes $407,000 in medical bills
March 18, 2014
SHOP Exchanges Taking a Slice of Small Biz Market
ICD-10 and EHR Fuel Clinical Documentation Improvements
Obamacare enrollments hit 5 million
Poll: Two thirds satisfied with healthcare system
Obama administration wants fewer people to get insurance cancellation notices
Officials consider new uses for old Parkland in Dallas
MA dumps health insurance website contractor
Glaxo to bring doctors in-house as educational speakers
March 17, 2014
Researchers Link ICD-10 Shift to Financial Losses
Two-Midnights Rule Spells Grim Financial Forecast for Hospitals
White House tightens health plan's standards after consumers complain
Health site plans deadline leeway
Castlight IPO ushers in a new era of consumer-oriented healthcare
Check out what Barnes, Children's hospitals will look like in 2018
Miami clinic biller convicted of healthcare fraud
Official: Dollar-driven healthcare causes harm
WA healthcare reform enters phase 2
Opinion: Benefit experts agree with Obama that ACA has enough enrolled
Is working 'great' now?
March 14, 2014
Why Is Healthcare Price Transparency So Hard?
Reversing course, the White House protects an Obamacare subsidy from sequester cuts
US doctors push back on latest Republican move on Obamacare
Insurers may get cost break thanks to rocky ACA rollout
States lagging on healthcare sign-ups vow to do better
Obamacare co-ops defy forecasts to win market share
Survival post-surgery linked to hospital differences
In the fight against germs, NJ healthcare facilities get smarter
March 13, 2014
Payers Detail Strategies That Drive Consumer Satisfaction
EHR Spending Continues, But Jury Still Out on ROI
Health mandate won't be delayed, Sebelius says
HHS will push back against state restrictions on Obamacare ground troops
Healthcare signups progress, but unlikely to meet goal
VT has new plan to slow healthcare costs
U of L Hospital officials urge Senate panel not to cut indigent care funding
What went wrong with MN's insurance exchange
Overstays cost HI hospitals $63 million a year
March 12, 2014
Hospital CEO Turnover Hits Record High
4.2 million enrolled in insurance through February
March 31 remains the firm deadline for purchasing health insurance
Doctor payments on the decline
Lawmaker: Readmission fines should reflect patient demographics
FL hospital must pay $85M in settlement over Medicare fraud whistleblower lawsuit
How HCA turned trauma into a money-maker
March 11, 2014
Another SGR Patch Likely, Lawmaker Says
Rules to Rein in HIX Narrow Networks Could Drive Away Payers
US administration pulls back on Medicare drug benefit proposals
US cancer doctors urge payment fix as cases set to rise
Law, healthier beneficiaries helping trim Medicare costs
Feds open investigation of Maryland Obamacare site
Unions back proposed Medicare Advantage cut
Get ready to hear more about the individual mandate again
Opinion: 5 lessons for healthcare providers from banks
FL trauma centers charge fees the moment patients come through the door
March 10, 2014
AHIP: Enormity of HIX Challenges Sinks In
Cheaper surgery sends Lowe's flying to Cleveland Clinic
Survey: Uninsured rate drops; health law cited
Slew of changes to healthcare law creates more confusion for consumers
Opinion: Pressure on Governors to expand Medicaid under Obamacare
Hidden healthcare fees leave patients fuming
Nurses revive effort to beef up, regulate hospital charity care
Opinion: Another healthcare crisis—closing hospitals
March 7, 2014
Bill Clinton cashes in on struggling nonprofit hospital
In NY, a heart surgery factory with 'obscene levels' of pay
Geographic variation seen in Medicare spending
Yale New Haven Health Partners with Tenet Healthcare in CT
The Secret to Physician Engagement? It's Not Better Pay
Health insurance marketplaces signing up few uninsured Americans, surveys say
Companies turn to private exchanges to control healthcare costs
Employer health plan in 2025? Don't count on it
Nearly 200,000 in L.A. enroll in Obamacare, surpassing most states
Opinion: Hospitals are the big winners
Nine northern AZ hospital executives lose jobs
Another boost for the Medicaid expansion
March 6, 2014
Physicians Take SGR Repeal Message to Washington
House backs bill to delay healthcare penalty
2-year extension offered for canceled health plans
Obama administration rewrites some healthcare policies
AR officials eye changes to Medicaid plan
Groups make final push to sign people up for Obamacare
Opinion: Physicians in Congress—A prescription for better health policy?
Medical tort reform would cap 'pain and suffering' damages at $350,000
Slideshow: Healthcare Analytics—The New Business Currency
March 5, 2014
Health workers' union pushes hospital cost control in CA
States with HIX Woes to Get Enrollment Relief
Insurers' Obamacare losses may reach $5.5 billion in 2015
HHS seeks $600 million for health law enrollment efforts
Obama budget sets Medicare savings, hospitals seek reprieve
As full disclosure nears, doctors' pay for drug talks plummets
Repurposing closed hospitals as for-profit medical malls
Opinion: The quest for population health management
Erlanger: Cutting PTO was necessary amid hospital's financial woes
Insurers, Medicaid fear multibillion-dollar hepatitis C drug tab
Jackson hospital wins permission to charge parking fees for disabled drivers
March 4, 2014
Proposed hospital sale means NJ will pay $30 million debt
Hospitals Adapting Amid Continued Drug Shortages
AHRQ: Surgical Admissions Bring 48% of Hospital Revenue
US fine-tunes messaging for home stretch of Obamacare sign-ups
The hidden number key to Obamacare's success
Halifax Health settles fraud case
Lower Medicaid signups seen in health law study
Medical imaging launches campaign against cuts
What brings Americans to the ER?
March 3, 2014
Two-Midnight Rule Must be Fixed or Replaced, Say Providers
New health fix offers subsidies for insurance policies bought outside exchanges
Big deadline looms this month for healthcare coverage
Batavia, Rochester hospitals pursue merger
These three management rules helped fix
HackerCare aims to 'hack' healthcare for startups
Papers offer peek into Hillary Clinton's failed healthcare initiative
One-liners may hint at feelings about healthcare
Now on your restaurant bill: Obamacare fee