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January 31, 2014
Patient Safety Orgs Cut Ties With Denham
Physician Wait Times Vary Sharply Among Major US Markets
Opting out of Medicaid expansion: The health and financial impacts
US says results encouraging for healthcare delivery reforms
Rep. Henry Waxman to retire from Congress
Bill would force MS health insurers to use providers
CA marketplace among first to post customer health plan ratings
Patients may have to compete with computers for doctors' attention
When doctors give patients money
January 30, 2014
6 Ways to Avoid Unintentional Medicare Fraud
Study: Little evidence of better care at expensive hospitals
To schedule a doc visit, get in line
Hospitals cut blood transfusions to improve patient recovery, bottom line
7 doctors get probation, must pay $2.6 million for importing illegal cancer drugs
Report: Wikipedia the top source of healthcare info for doctors, patients
January 29, 2014
Don't Overlook Coding Opportunities For Routine Services
Hidden financial ties rattle top health quality group
KY hospital settles fraud case for $16.5 million
Patient stunned by $89,000 charge for 18-hour stay at HMA-owned hospital
What patients will share to improve care
Intermountain Healthcare drawing transplant patients from across US
A data-sharing plan that's for your health?
January 28, 2014
Pledges Reduce Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing Rates
Hospitals struggle with intravenous saline shortage
Intravenous nurses make points
Seattle medical startup focuses on Google Glass for emergency rooms
January 27, 2014
SF General Hospital adopts changes after missing patient's death
Opinion: 5 Hollywood moments in the latest US healthcare spending numbers
Little Threat to Specialists' Revenue in Choosing Wisely Recommendations
Frozen Out of HIX, NH Hospitals Feel Burned
January 24, 2014
Hospital consolidation benefits patients, report says
Hospital chain said to scheme to inflate bills
Dirty instruments lead to investigation of Seattle Hospital
MN hospitals report fewer preventable mistakes
January 23, 2014
HL20: Kristine Aznavoorian, RN, MS—Working to Heal Sexually Abused Children
Telemedicine Emerging as Rural ICU Solution
Allegheny Health Network to ink 5-year deal with Johns Hopkins for cancer treatment
Physician EHR adoption leaps 21% in 2013
Boston Medical Center is ahead of the curve on alarm fatigue
January 22, 2014
HL20: Larry Rhodes, MD—Passion for Healthcare in the Mountain State
January 21, 2014
Tailoring Cardiac Care for Women
Health law spurs state shift in long-term care
UA's prestigous transplant programs thrown into turmoil
Nonprofit clinic offers 'bridges of health' to Philadelphia's illegal immigrants
Doctors' dress code aims to halt nasty germs
January 20, 2014
AL, GA earn failing grades in new healthcare report card
New medical codes parse ailments to the finest detail
Seals of approval for home healthcare providers
Former healthcare CEO argues America's medical system rewards bad outcomes
Technology to play bigger role in care
January 17, 2014
HL20: Jeffrey A. Parker—Making Margin While Serving the Poor
Doctors say pressure on ERs may rise, give U.S. failing grade
3 trends are reshaping healthcare IT
How much to deliver a baby? Charges vary widely by hospital
Lots of new patients, too few doctors
January 16, 2014
RAC Appeals Process 'Broken,' AHA Says
HL20: Cheryl Bartlett, RN—Public Health Advocacy, From Bottom to Top
Chronic care overhaul proposed for Medicare
Jackson Health System trying to figure out why the surge in uninsured patients
MO lawmakers outline oral chemotherapy measure
FDA asks doctors, dentists to stop prescribing high-dose acetaminophen
January 15, 2014
HL20: Nann Worel—Serving the Medically Underserved
Ex-CEO of HMA named in whistleblower lawsuit
No easy definition for 'abusive' prescribing
January 14, 2014
The Trouble with EHRs
Why doctors are fighting over blood pressure guidelines
App's map of the human body also charts next generation of surgical training
A busy doctor's right hand, ever ready to type
NM ruling will allow doctors to help patients die
January 10, 2014
Overnight Status for Outpatients in MD Raises Safety Concerns
Fairview restricts visitors to its 6 MN hospitals to fight flu
NV continues to rank poorly in numbers of doctors, nurses
MediBid auction site lets doctors bid for patients
January 9, 2014
NFP Groups Release CA Patient Experience Rankings
HL20: Steven Sonenreich—Talking Transparency
Feds, NY AG sue Novartis over Rx kickback scheme allegations
Opinion: Can 2014 be the year of real healthcare innovation?
Outpatient surgery center plans overnight stays
Report: Federal government lacks safeguards against EHR fraud
Healthcare costs higher for smokers after surgery
Who defines 'medical necessity'?
Generic, brand companies have concerns about FDA's proposed drug shortage rule
January 8, 2014
Fresh Take on Hospital Discharges Cuts Readmissions
HL20: Kermit Crawford—Creating an Entry Point for Healthcare Access
Report finds more flaws in digitizing patient files
HHS to strengthen enforcement of HIPAA transaction rules
January 7, 2014
Healthcare costs keep rising, but at slower pace
Top Quality Issues for 2014, Part 2
364 hospitals have high rates of overall readmissions, new Medicare data show
Obamacare Medicaid split creates two Americas for poor
How much does a new hip cost? Even the surgeon doesn't know
Will Obamacare swamp minority physicians with patients?
Study finds more diabetic hospital visits when food budgets dip
When doctors 'Google' their patients
January 6, 2014
Top Quality Issues for 2014, Part 1
Retail Medicine a Big Shift for 2014
Healthcare.gov has trouble recognizing new babies
Providing healthcare complicated in rural areas
January 3, 2014
Top Healthcare Buzzwords for 2014, Part 2
SLIDESHOW: HLM Council Members Discuss Changing Organizational Culture
Obamacare's Medicaid expansion may create Oregon-like ER strain
January 2, 2014
Healthcare Uncertainties to Intensify in 2014
Top Healthcare Buzzwords for 2014, Part 1
Doctors, hospitals expect some confusion as Obamacare plans start
Justice delays health law's birth control mandate
Keeping a doctor under Obamacare is no easy feat