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January 31, 2014
Opting out of Medicaid expansion: The health and financial impacts
US says results encouraging for healthcare delivery reforms
The health law's '3 Rs' for insurers: A bailout or necessary safeguards?
Study: Obamacare, other health premiums roughly equal
When doctors give patients money
January 30, 2014
6 Ways to Avoid Unintentional Medicare Fraud
ICU Infection Prevention Practices Lax
Insurer WellPoint's 4Q profit drops 68 percent
Parsing the President's 9 million enrollees
The four most important states to watch on Obamacare's Medicaid expansion
Big impact on income gap is health law's new angle
San Francisco thinks Obamacare can cut costs, crime rates
Hospitals cut blood transfusions to improve patient recovery, bottom line
7 doctors get probation, must pay $2.6 million for importing illegal cancer drugs
Report: Wikipedia the top source of healthcare info for doctors, patients
January 29, 2014
Wanted: Hospital CEOs without healthcare experience
HIX Pains Now, But Hope for Long-Term Relief in NH
Don't Overlook Coding Opportunities For Routine Services
State of the Union 2014: Obama embraces Obamacare
Hidden financial ties rattle top health quality group
KY hospital settles fraud case for $16.5 million
PA Hospital association CEO reacts to Obamacare, high hospital costs
Patient stunned by $89,000 charge for 18-hour stay at HMA-owned hospital
New web site shows costs of SC hospitals
January 28, 2014
Hospital Federation: No Link Between Consolidation, High Prices
With Community Health deal done, two hospital firms are tied for largest
Brooklyn hospitals to close without federal money, Mayor and Governor say
Jackson Health Trust votes to phase out unpopular healthcare contribution
KentuckyOne warns of possible layoffs, must improve performance by $218M
Feds barking up wrong tree on EHR fraud?
FL county with highest uninsured rate sees little impact from Obamacare
January 27, 2014
Doctors abusing Medicare face fines and expulsion
Judge says St. Luke's buyout violates antitrust law, must be undone
100-year business: St. John's Hospital negotiates construction, changing healthcare laws
BlueCross CEO Bill Gracey takes health care personally
Out of healthcare furor, satisfaction in New England
Hospital employment in Northeast PA falls 10 percent
Court gives nuns a compromise on healthcare issue
Opinion: 5 Hollywood moments in the latest US healthcare spending numbers
Little Threat to Specialists' Revenue in Choosing Wisely Recommendations
Frozen Out of HIX, NH Hospitals Feel Burned
January 24, 2014
AHA Eyes 'Extremely Challenging' 2014
Fewer Americans lack health insurance, poll finds
Some predictions on how Medicare will release physician payment data
Little-known aspect of Medicaid now causing people to avoid coverage
ME clinicians urging lawmakers to expand Medicaid
Hospital chain said to scheme to inflate bills
January 23, 2014
Telemedicine Emerging as Rural ICU Solution
Jackson hospital reaches deal with unions to restore workers' pay
Community Health gets US OK to buy HMA
Aetna CEO says out-of-control health costs demand change in US
TX imposes additional rules on health insurance navigators
Maryland hospitals face deadline for picking new payment system
Allegheny Health Network to ink 5-year deal with Johns Hopkins for cancer treatment
Newly insured Americans don't understand basic healthcare terms
January 22, 2014
Will Physicians Be Dropped From Managed Care Networks?
Cook County Hospital CEO leaving for NYC post
Anthem exec: Data-sharing will trump hospital mergers
Wyden plan may be vision for future Medicare reforms
WI hospitals cut costs by $45.6M, trade group says
MA launches a grand experiment: Pricing healthcare
Federal regulators haven't decided on LSU charity hospital deals
Offer made for Natchez (MI) hospital
Consumers expecting free 'preventive' care sometimes surprised by charges
Opinion: Doctors and hospitals posing as charity cases? It's nauseating
January 21, 2014
Tailoring Cardiac Care for Women
Moody's Outlook Dour on 'Young Invincibles'
Medicare agency seeks to speed up appeals for coverage
MI Republicans rethink Medicaid expansion
Law's expanded Medicaid coverage brings a surge in sign-ups
Study: Allowing people to stay in existing insurance plans unlikely to disrupt exchanges
Health law spurs state shift in long-term care
January 20, 2014
Business Roundup: Health System Buyers, Partnerships Sought
Miami Children's Hospital Cuts Chargemaster Rates by 30%
Patients' costs skyrocket; Specialists' incomes soar
Co-ops the underdog in health insurance marketplace
Immigrants without legal status remain mostly in healthcare limbo
Opinion: The real healthcare 'war' on the young
January 17, 2014
J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference: Revenue Shifts to Outpatient
HL20: Jeffrey A. Parker—Making Margin While Serving the Poor
House passes bill requiring healthcare numbers
UnitedHealth sees Obamacare and Medicare costs, then growth
How Obamacare will hurt doctors
3 trends are reshaping healthcare IT
Doctors sue NC over Medicaid billing system
How much to deliver a baby? Charges vary widely by hospital
January 16, 2014
RAC Appeals Process 'Broken,' AHA Says
Federal judge upholds healthcare subsidies
Report: Healthcare fraud cases hit high last year
Jackson Health System trying to figure out why the surge in uninsured patients
MO lawmakers outline oral chemotherapy measure
Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente extend payment deadlines again
January 15, 2014
HL20: Nann Worel—Serving the Medically Underserved
CMS to Release Physician Payment Data
Medical debt will persist despite health law
Miami Children's Hospital to help patients estimate costs up front
Ex-CEO of HMA named in whistleblower lawsuit
New orthopedic consortium pushes back against migration to hospital employment
SC lawmakers take aim at healthcare law
UnitedHealth gets renewal on federal exchange work
Cape Cod Healthcare CEO got $2M even after he quit
Why I had to close my preventive healthcare clinic
January 14, 2014
Financial Challenges Top Healthcare CEO Concerns
The Trouble with EHRs
The truth behind Obamacare 6 million figure
Hospitals blast proposed cut in jobless benefits debate
Should medical school be shortened to three years? Some programs try fast tracking.
January 13, 2014
Business Roundup: Healthcare M&A Activity Brisk
HL20: Charles Ornstein—Pushing Healthcare Transparency for the Public Good
MD's plan to upend healthcare spending
Second wave of health insurance disruption affects small businesses
NYC healthcare union wields new clout
Healthcare job losses for first time in decade
Special healthcare tax could hit governments hard
UT working to process 24,000 applications for healthcare
Opinion: Regional healthcare: Disrupt the pace of innovation
It's hard to win in the hospital business
January 10, 2014
HL20: Karen Davis, Economist—Healthcare is More Than a Numbers Game
Report: Effort to curb health costs should be 'led by the states'
Medicare Part D's hopeful lessons for Obamacare
Understanding the updated EHR donation rules
MediBid auction site lets doctors bid for patients
January 9, 2014
Report finds billions wasted on healthcare
HL20: Steven Sonenreich—Talking Transparency
Feds, NY AG sue Novartis over Rx kickback scheme allegations
Opinion: Can 2014 be the year of real healthcare innovation?
Study: Supplemental plans raise Medicare costs 22%
HMA holders approve sale to CHS
Free clinics' role uncertain with expanded health insurance coverage
MA doles out $10M in 'Robin Hood' hospital funds
Healthcare costs higher for smokers after surgery
January 8, 2014
Fresh Take on Hospital Discharges Cuts Readmissions
HL20: Kermit Crawford—Creating an Entry Point for Healthcare Access
Non-profit health centers enter insurance realm
US hospital shares rally as investors see reform boost
Cracking the code on healthcare costs: What the states can do
6 questions that will determine whether Obamacare is a success in 2014
Hospitals overcharging patients, nurses' union says
VT plots course for single-payer healthcare system
Tampa Bay doctor to pay $400,000 to settle Medicare fraud case
January 7, 2014
Healthcare Spending Growth Hits 53-Year Low
Obamacare Medicaid split creates two Americas for poor
Could malpractice reform save the US healthcare system?
How much does a new hip cost? Even the surgeon doesn't know
Health IT growing rapidly through 2017
January 6, 2014
Top Quality Issues for 2014, Part 1
Fact-checking healthcare: A year-end report
This is not your parents' health insurance
Medicare Advantage and the 'theft' of $156 billion
On 'Meet the Press,' Noseworthy says healthcare system in US needs restructuring
Obamacare: Hundreds of thousands of Californians finally get health insurance
Healthcare changes to watch for in 2014
January 3, 2014
Top Healthcare Buzzwords for 2014, Part 2
11 attorneys general slam Obama healthcare fixes as illegal
Confusion, relief mark start of new health reforms
Obamacare's use expected to spike beginning next week
Finding health insurance for 71 cents per month
TX hospital fires worker for revealing prices up front, lawsuit says
Obamacare brings Medicaid to Skid Row
Maryland state leaders embrace Medicaid expansion
Healthcare tech leaders share New Year's resolutions
Doctors allege hospital owner committed Medicare fraud, offered kickbacks
January 2, 2014
Healthcare Uncertainties to Intensify in 2014
For Obamacare, it's finally showtime
Doctors, hospitals expect some confusion as Obamacare plans start
Healthcare funds cure portfolio pain in 2013
Medicare pricing drives high healthcare costs
MT hospital to pay $3.85 million for violating anti-kickback statute
Vanderbilt revives plans for children's hospital expansion
Opinion: As hospital clout grows, costs go up